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Portkey Criminal Caught

September, 2094
by: Robert Blackburn

Taylor Morton, 39, has been apprehended by Auror Tempest Chandler and arrested by for the rogue Portkey situation, which has been ongoing for nearly a year now. Responsible with the deaths of no less than three Muggles and the murder attempt upon Transportation Head Lynley Purcell’s seven-year-old adopted son, he will most likely be locked away for a long time. The Portkey Killer, as many have dubbed him, confessed to his crimes in full to Chandler and is currently being held is Azkaban as he awaits trial.

Taylor Morton was formerly employed by the Ministry of Magic in Purcell’s own department. Shortly after she was appointed to head of the department in early 2087 from outside of the Ministry, Morton left on bad terms. Some of his co-workers called him “a little crazy” and “obsessive” about his Portkeys while he worked there. While he hasn’t openly stated his motives, it’s pretty clear: this man had it out for Level Six. Luckily for Purcell and the rest of her department, he can no longer endanger anyone anymore.

We can only remember those Muggle lives lost in this tragic happening. Helpless to magic, the Portkey Killer had been setting up Portkeys as valuable muggle objects such as “phones,” which Muggles use to talk to each other from distances away, and jewelry. He had the Portkeys transport the Muggles to the middle of the ocean, where one can only swim for so long before exhaustion takes over. The remains of these Muggles have never been found.

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