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This wasn’t it, this wasn’t the end. There was another year, there was always another year and another train ride from London to Hogsmeade…there was also no way those were tears hanging at the edge of her eyes as she stood there.


Why? Why did it have to be that Ace, Vi, and Kirk all had to be in the compartment together…that damned prefect compartment…Mel wasn’t mad, not really…she was just,…she felt alone and like she were missing something or someone.

With every step down the corridor she kept looking – she needed to find them…well, her if she could…she didn’t think that he would be there because really…what she really wanted was to sit with everyone from that fabled first ride to school.

Finally. There she was, alone…but maybe that was better?

Taking a tentative step into the compartment Mel put on her brave face…pushed her chin up and sat down right across from her. ”I miss you Sammy,” the words were natural…, so natural and real. It was the truth, she hadn’t really spent decent time with her childhood best friend since…since that stupid summer.

Not really waiting for a response she just closed her eyes and plugged on...not even caring anymore that the makeup she had painstakingly applied earlier was likely running down her cheeks as she openly and silently cried. "Its...the e-end of it...we-we're g-graduating thi-this year...a-and i've b-been s-s-such a b-b-baa...bad friend to you and i miss you...I miss you so much that whenever i saw you last year i'd feel pain because you're my've been through it all with me...I-i...i mean you and Ace were there for me when my parents..." she trailed off, "lets start fresh this year? yeah? like i don't e-even remember what we were fighting about...b-but lets forget it and leave it in the past? yeah?"

Mel paused for a bit..."...this summer, I suggested to Vi that we all get a place together and I meant you, me, Ace, and Vi?..." she left the statement out there hopefully but if she needed to...if Sammy didn't want it - didn't want her she would leave. Find any one of her precious friends to get a hug from and buck up as Gryffindors always seemed to do. Gryffindors...gosh, they faced the flames without letting the chinks in their armor show. Gryffindors were idiots.
Samantha chilling peacefully with her eyes closed listening to the footsteps in the corridor outside wondering who they all belonged to. She heard some hurrying quickly by probably trying to reach a compartment further back. She hear loud foot steps, most likely from the loud little first years. And then there was the gentle footsteps of older students, or the timid younger kids. The slow quite ones intrigued her, she figured they were the footsteps of someone looking for their friends. She heard several of them going past her door, and she didn't pay much heed to them until she heard one come up to her door, and not pass by. She figured they would continue on in a moment, except she heard a small familiar voice and felt her stomach flip.

She debated on keeping her eyes closed because A.) she sounded all weepy and B.) she did not want to deal with this right now. She did how ever, miss her friend, and she had kinda been a huge jerk about things. She opened them, but before she she could say anything she she immediately regretted it. Things things just started spilling out of the other girls mouth and it was overwhelming, so she chose just kind of not acknowledge the. "I uh, missed you too, and I'm sorry." Because while things had happened, it wasn't like she had worked to fix things when they were happening. Even if she had thought at the time that she didn't need to.

The girl's eyes widened slightly "Um, I don't know. I'm not really sure what I'm gonna do after school." Thought, that did not sound very appealing to her, and she wondered if the others would think the same.
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