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Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Patrick looked over his shoulder as he heard a familiar voice. It was Skylar, a familiar face. He was happy to see her looking significantly less stressed as when they left Hogwarts at the end of the term. “Hey Skylar. Yeah gotta run to the back real quick. I’ll see you later?” he hoped she wouldn’t be offended.

He was really hoping he could find where his brothers left his stuff. They had dropped him off and thought it was funny to hide his stuff like he was still a little kiddie and they could treat him like mean older brothers. They were rambunctious and his mother would have them pulled away by their ears. He heard them mumble that his oldest brother had done the same thing to them... sure he did. He continued to move toward the back checking compartments for his stuff.
"Sounds great!" Skylar beamed, wondering if she could recruit him to tryout for her team. She knew him to be a great team player, but she wasn't sure exactly how well his flying skills were. Yes, she was already thinking about her recruits, because why shouldn't she? Strategy was everything.

Originally Posted by RachieRu View Post
Art was her passion. She was pretty sure there was nobody at Hogwarts, that didn't know how much she adored art. It was what she wanted to do as a career. That had been the reason why she wasn't too bothered with her OWLS last year. But the marks she had actually got had made her a little more confident. She could do this whole magic thing, and was a little more serious about her NEWT classes now. Or at least she was going to try to be. It was good to have a back up, just in case her art career didn't work out. So as she sat in the compartment she got a little distracted. She really could spend hours doing art and not even realise that any time had come past.

She looked up as she heard a voice, and she grinned at her best friend. She hadn't even noticed that Sky had come in. She smirked, nodding at the brooms. "Nice" Hattie didn't really like quidditch, but she could appreciate a good broom when she did. "I won two small competitions" She mused, answering her friends question. "But I'm more concentrating on finishing an entire collection now" So she could have it shown in a gallery.
Originally Posted by natethegreat View Post
Deciding to explore around a bit and meet new people, Aaron had found himself wondering into the front part of the train. Peering around, he had spotted a few other kid's that he met in the Alley, but,
this was about making new friends for even more adventures right now. Just in case there ever was a time when some of his friends couldn't go exploring,
adding more would help better his options.

That's when his eyes came across two girls sitting in one of the cabins, one of them was carrying a really cool broom while they other seemed settled in.
Bubbly like every other time, Aaron wondered over to the two. "Hi! Do you mind if I join you two? My name's Aaron by the way." Grinning from ear to ear, the firstie couldn't help but laugh a bit after saying that. He was just so excited about everything that was happening. Life couldn't have been any better right now for him.
Skylar wasn't sure how Hattie would feel about the brooms, given that her friend didn't fly for her own reasons, so when the blond commented with a nice, well, that was just about the best compliment she could receive from someone who was against the sport. If it had been anyone else, she might have snapped about this one being TOP OF THE LINE and complaining for not seeming to care, but a nice from Hattie was just as good as caring as Skylar could have hoped.

"An entire collection? Wow. How many paintings does that include?" Skylar inquired about that, because she was actually genuinely curious even if she didn't care for art much herself. "Do I get an autographed painting?" Cause best friend rights and all.

That was when the compartment door slid open and a small entered, very bravely and confidently asking about joining them. "Nah, of course not. First train ride? I'm Skylar... I'll be a sixth year." And captain too, but if he wanted to ask about that, well, he could see the badge pinned to her shirt...
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