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Default For Skylar and Harriet!

Deciding to explore around a bit and meet new people, Aaron had found himself wondering into the front part of the train. Peering around, he had spotted a few other kid's that he met in the Alley, but,
this was about making new friends for even more adventures right now. Just in case there ever was a time when some of his friends couldn't go exploring,
adding more would help better his options.

That's when his eyes came across two girls sitting in one of the cabins, one of them was carrying a really cool broom while they other seemed settled in.
Bubbly like every other time, Aaron wondered over to the two. "Hi! Do you mind if I join you two? My name's Aaron by the way." Grinning from ear to ear, the firstie couldn't help but laugh a bit after saying that. He was just so excited about everything that was happening. Life couldn't have been any better right now for him.

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