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Originally Posted by pundantic View Post
Alessandro heard the clunky compartment door open and all that he let the intruder see was the briefest of flashes of the gift in his hand. Fluidly, he closed it and pocketed the instrument. For only a second, he looked alarmed at the new person in his compartment and then his features transformed into something winning.

“Oh, hello.” He outstretched his gloved hand politely to shake hers, “I’m Alessandro. And you are?”
His hands made swift movements and before she could figure out what it was he'd had, it disappeared.Her gaze shifted to his face as he spoke. She thought she'd seen a perplexed look but now it was a rather pleasing one. Amara masked her confusion, traversed the length of the compartment and shook his extended hand.

"I'm Amara.." she paused, "You don't mind some company do you?" she motioned towards the seat opposite him, "My sister would be here shortly.. I think" That is, if she was finished with the family drama.
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