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Originally Posted by Dokimoto View Post
Kye was flipping a page in her charms book when she noticed the compartment door opening. Who in the heck saw me and thought 'Eh good enough '??

Wait. No. She had to stop being so pessimistic! It was not becoming... And besides, she was a perfectly fine traveling companion. It's not like she planned on reading the whole time...

Kye looked up to see who had found her, and gasped.

"Vivi!! Kye smiled up at her friend, and stood up for a hug. "Of course not silly, I have all year to read this.
How was your summer??"

Edie jumped onto the seat that Kye had vacated, and made herself comfortable. Ah well, there were plenty of other seats in here.
Well, thank Merlin she was welcomed in this compartment. Vivian beamed as she let herself inside and slid the compartment door shut. And the hug? The blond definitely liked hugs and so she opened her arms to embrace Kye. She hadn't seen her the whole summer, which the prefect felt should definitely change. Summer meet-ups were a big thing! "That's good! Do you mind if I stay here for a while?" she asked, releasing from the hug afterwards.

"My summer was great! There were some pretty cool pool parties and I visited other places too," Vivian shared. She definitely enjoyed exploring Vienna with her family, and made a couple of visits to Chase's place in Edinburgh too. It was a great summer, over all. "Now, you tell me about yours." Vivian tugged on Kye's arm as she went to sit opposite her cat. Was that Kye's cat? The blond made a mental note to look for her Kneazle too, maybe later.
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