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Originally Posted by pundantic View Post
Alessandro thought he did not want a lot of fuss when he shipped off to Hogwarts. His brother and cousins did not need their mothers to kiss their heads and coddle them on the platform so it followed that he wouldn’t need the extra attention either. But now that the day was here—and all his father had given him was a quick albeit firm hug— Al figured a motherly cuddle would not have been the worst thing.

He clenched and unclenched his gloved fists.

Keeping out-of-sight and near the train walls as older kids whipped by, Alessandro Toussaint found an empty compartment and sat. Once settled, he reached in his pocket and played with the gift Bastien had given him thoughtlessly.
Amara had slipped off from the little drama that Zyanya and her mother were making. Her father had seen her sneak past them, but had just dismissed her with a smile. That's was one of the things she liked about him, he was always subtle and understood Amara.

She knew those Zyanya wouldn't miss her for a while now until the mom-daughter duo finished their probably tear-filled goodbyes. She'd already said her fair share of bye on the way to the station. She just wanted to settle down in a cozy seat and dream about Hogwarts.

She opened the door to the first compartment and almost entered it absent-mindedly when she found a boy inside. He seemed rather preoccupied with something in his hands. Amara wondered whether he'd noticed her.
Did he want to be alone? Would be too late to turn back? Unsure of what to do, she just cleared her throat loudly.
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