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Gobstones season wrap up
April, 2094
by: Fate Fairwood

While many people prefer the excitement and danger of Quidditch, there is also another game that has entranced Wizard Kind, Gobstones. A fun game played with little round stones, that almost look like the muggle game of marbles. Except in true wizarding fashion, instead of plain glass marbles and playing for fun. Gobstones are made of actual stone and every time a point is conceded, the winning stone lets loose a stream of nasty smelling liquid into the losers face. So fun, yeah? Certainly gives one motivation for not losing a point.

We here in Britain have a thriving Gobstone community, with several professional teams that play matches throughout the year. The most recent season ended in September and here I am with a wrap up of all that happened.

There are six professional teams in Britain, The Barnton Basilisks, Galloway Ghouls, Hereford Hippogriffs, Ilkley Ironbellies, Tinworth Talons and the Upper Flagley Firecrabs. These are the teams that battle it out every year to try and get that coveted Gobstones Championship. This year was, of course, no exception and the season proved to be a good one, though of course, some teams had better years than others.

The Hereford Hippogriffs had a slow start to the season, they lost their first three matches, and though they managed to snap their losing streak with a win over the Upper Flagley Firecrabs, they couldn’t keep up their momentum, and they did not make it to the finals. Better luck next year Hippogriffs, we shall be rooting for you. Another team that didn’t make it to the finals was the Galloway Ghouls. They seemed to lose heart halfway through the season, losing four of their last five games. Here’s to next year Ghouls, I’m sure it will be a better year for you.

The Barnton Basilisks had a bit of a rough year as well, only managing to win half of their games, but they did make it to the playoffs, sadly they lost in the first round, but good for them for getting into the playoffs. The Tinworth Talons had a pretty decent season, winning six out of the ten games and making it into the playoffs as well, sadly they couldn’t up their decent season into a great one and they got knocked out in the playoffs as well.

The Ilkley Ironbellies also has a decent season, they also won six of their ten matches and made it to the playoffs. However, they trounced the Barnton Basilisks 15-1, and easily gliding into the finals to face off against the Upper Flagley Firecrabs. Now the Firecrabs had quite the up and down season, they started strong, and won three games in a row and then went into a mid-season slump and lost four in a row. Thankfully, it’s not how you begin (or even middle) your season, it’s how you end it. For the Firecrabs went on to win their last three matches and that momentum catapulted them into the playoffs, where they won their playoff match and went to the finals.

Which they won, Yes the Upper Flagley Firecrabs won the 2093 Gobstones Championship. Big congrats to them!

I managed to snag the owner of the Upper Flagley Firecrabs, Kaeden Massey for a quick quote on their year. “Despite the middle of our season being a bit rough, our players pulled through and really upped their games during the last half of the season. Their work and determination really made this win possible, and I am so happy to bring this championship home.”

And there you have it. With hard work and determination, you can overcome anything, even a mid-season slump.

And that is all for your 2093 Gobstones roundup, the next season starts soon, so be sure to get out there and cheer your favorite team on.
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