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Curses Plague Hogwarts
March, 2094
by: Opal Mainwaring

It was a bold choice for the Hogwarts Drama Club to elect to put on The Fountain of Fair Fortune. The last time this play was performed proved to be the last performance on stage in the castle for many decades, ending in a fireball the special effects team of a Wizarding West End show would be jealous of. Paul Myers, current Herbology Professor and director of the play, was asked about this weeks ago and seemed unfazed. "I know the play might be seen as 'bad luck,' but I think thatís all hippogriff dung. We're having fun with this play and jazzing up Hogwarts just a little bit along the way."

Of course drama is never too far away at Hogwarts, as the Daily Prophet reported last month. Since then, there has been a startling update to this state of affairs. In a rehearsal that took place yesterday, Myers and two female students, Junia Botros and Juniper Primeaux, fell victim to curses that left them paralyzed as they endured a growing burning internal pain. A third student, Samantha Tyler, was said to be left shaken after appearing to be in some sort of a trance that started the whole calamity and caused her to repeat the haunting words "Expose the inequality. End the struggle." over and over.

While the situation was promptly contained, students are concerned by the lack of action by Hogwarts' staff to determine who is responsible for the events that occurred yesterday and over the course of the term. Flynn Kowalski, playing Sir Luckless, disclosed that he is worried about history repeating itself and questions whether the staff is doing enough to protect them during this time. Ronan Carter, in the room at the time, described it as a "twisted" way to send a message. He and another source admitted that they believe certain peers, still walking among them freely, are behind these events.

As for why the play was targeted, leading actress Jessa Cambridge (Amata) stated, "I think the fact so many people are focusing on it makes it the perfect thing to attack." She thinks that this was the wrong year for Hogwarts to have a play.

Headmistress Regina Hawthorne updated us on the aftermath of the tragic event, stating that Myers and the girls are recovering from the curse that was stopped in its early stages and that the play has been postponed. When asked about who was behind the chaos, all she could say was that "allegations made against certain students have been proven untrue. At this time, we honestly cannot say who is at fault."

It seems odd that no leads have yet developed. However, pieces are slowly coming together. The ominous red hawk, the emphasis on "those who struggle" and accusations against the frivolous use of magic, and the targeting of innocent staff and students have led us to conclude one thing with certainty: this is the work of something much larger. Someone is trying to make a point. Could this be a new cult on the rise, using Hogwarts as its vessel?
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