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Rogue Portkeys Cause Concern
January 2094
by: Kara St. Cloud
Recent reports from the Muggle world indicate that a few Muggles have been transported by portkeys they have happened upon. Two such incidences have resulted in the death of the Muggles unlucky enough to have picked the rogue portkeys up. In one case, the portkey was set to send the transported to the bottom of the ocean. These rogue portkeys were made from things that Muggles consider valuable and therefore would be more likely to pick up, such as keys (little metal objects used to unlock doors) and mobile phones (rectangular objects used to communicate) as opposed to the normal portkey items like candy wrappers or discarded shoes. Whether or not these incidents are the result of carelessness, an untrained maker, or someone with ill intentions is unclear at this point.

What is known though, is that Ministry portkey makers, or any professional portkey maker for that matter, is trained to avoid using anything that a Muggle might find valuable enough to pick up.

When asked for comment, Lynley Purcell, Head of the Department of Magical Transportation had this to say: "There is no need to panic because everything is completely under control. No further comments." Anyone who might have any information on this unfortunate situation should contact either the Department of Magical Transportation or the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.
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