Thread: Speculation & Theory: Which House do you think Rita Skeeter was in?
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Originally Posted by lauradonaghy View Post
Hufflepuff, cos she's too narrowminded for Slytherin evil and she seems to fit into the drawer of life marked Miscellaneous.
She is not a Hufflepuff in any way, shape, or form. Hufflepuff's traits are loyalty, freindship, and honesty, its not where all the leftovers go, according to JKR its the hardest house to get into. And honestly, I really do not think she would be put into the same house as people like Cedric, Tonks, and Newt. Don't get me wrong, I'm a complete Ravenclaw. And being so is likely why this bothers me. I know what Hufflepuff stands for, and personaly I don't like it when people are degraded because someone misunderstood a silly song. I hope you will revisit, and reinterpret the song the sorting hat sang. I hope that this did not sound like a rant, and that it came off as respectfull and informative. Hope you had a wonderfull day. - Athena Longerbone
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