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Fashion is in the Eye of the Beholder
December, 2093
by: Corduroy Whitley
After spending last week in the front row of Wizarding London Fashion Week, we’re excited to bring you some of the upcoming fashion trends of 2094. Don’t think you can pull off some of those runway looks? We asked some of WLFW’s biggest designers and fashion experts to look into their fashionable crystal balls and let us know what trends will move from runway to Diagon Alley next year.

Lucienne Bones, owner of BeWitch Boutique, attended WLFW with the Daily Prophet and shared some of the unifying trends for next season. “The great thing about fashion is the ability to express your individuality by making a trend your own. The classic witch or wizard will appreciate the sweet romantic detailing that so many designers are adding this season, while those who want bold patterns and styles will appreciate the unique florals making a splash on the runway. Fashion is self-expression.”

We also spoke to O-Star designer Ariana Gunter, who is now designing under her label ‘Logan’. Gunter’s new line showcased more neutral tones, like coffee and olive, with a strong emphasis on comfort. “This upcoming season will be a good one. My personal line has a new collection for young girls coming out that I can't wait for everyone to see. It focuses on empowerment for young ladies while being fall and winter fashion forward."

O-Star owner and lead designer Pensacola Morgan-Bott added her own take on these trends, echoing Bones' predictions with, "nature-inspired hues and fabrics paired with bold accessories." Her WLFW runway showcased a variety of looks that will be available at BeWitch within a few short weeks.

For accessories, we spoke with Jarrell Crowley, a jewelry designer for Infinity Concepts. As seen in his show, Crowley predicted a strong snakeskin and stainless steel aesthetic this year.

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