Thread: Speculation & Theory: Lucius - has he ever killed anyone?
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I'm honestly torn on this one. On one hand, I think he is capable of such but never has, preferring to keep his hands clean. For him, personally killing is like a service, such as a cashier or a barista and he doesn't want to do the job, just reap the results. Not to mention that he is a cold and calculating man, and he knows the consequences for what he does. Actual murder can get you in Azkaban. Being the mind behind a murder might not.

On the other hand, Lucius appears to have been a Death Eater for a while and I think that killing might be an act of loyalty for Voldemort. Murder is good blackmail, and a good way to keep people in line. I believe Voldemort uses this to his advantage, threatening to kill people the family of his members if they didn't keep in line.
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