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'Almighty Connor.' Con loved this! Oh. W-H-A-T? She wanted H-I-S help? He was quite tempted to say no because this wasn't something that he would do. Help someone with school work? Then again, Addison was helping him and he just might make an exception this once. But why not have a little fun first, keep her in suspense? "I'll have to think about it.''

Instead he laughed. "We'll see, fearless lioness.'' Nice persons... they were weird. Onto the practice right away which suited him quite fine. "Yeah, sure.'' Con raised his wand. Seeing a single bird feather lying on the grass some distance away from them, he decided to make that his target. "Accio feather!''

Of course it stayed right where it was.

"See? It never works.''

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