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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
The Greenhouses.

Rachel had heard during the Meet and Greet that there were greenhouses situated at the Department. How could there not be one? It was rather fitting since this was the Department of Environmental and Regulation and Protection. A Greenhouse was one of her most favourite things in the world and it warmed her heart to glimpse such breathtaking and flourishing ones present.

"They're wonderful,'' she whispered to herself, brown eyes wide in amazement as she drank in the view. It would be hardly a problem if she ventured in, correct?
Olly had just come here to make sure everything was in order before going back to work. It was part of her daily routine in fact to check in on the greenhouses and not just to see how some of the plants she was working on were doing but...just because. It was just something she DID now.

Today, however, the greenhouse she'd just walked into wasn't empty. "Don't touch anything." Olly said, just loud enough for the girl to hear her without having to raise her voice. What was she doing in here anyway? Did she have a task? Did someone tell her she should be in here?

What WERE they supposed to do with the interns anyway?

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