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13. Flagrate

Five year old Rachel giggled.

“Again, daddy!’’

Phil Watson obliged by drawing a flower in the air using the incantation ‘Flagrate’. The little girl jumped and tried to grab the flower but she was so small, so tiny that she could not reach. This didn’t bother her but she did have more requests for her father.

“Unicorn, please?’’

“Whatever the Princess want.’’ Phil did a little bow that sent his daughter into another round of giggles before taking his time to trace out the unicorn. Only… it looked more like a dog and the horn was quite crooked.

“Silly daddy. That’s not a unicorn.’’

“Oh, but it is. It’s a special unicorn that only makes its presence known to special little girls.’’

Rachel’s eyes were wide.

“Yes. My Rachel is a very special princess.’’
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