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38. Rictusempra

Rachel giggled.

“Olaf looks just as cute as he did in the movies, daddy.’’ She hugged the snowman she and her father had just built. “Now… warm hugs for him.’’

Phil Watson laughed. He loved to see his six year old happy. He quickly snapped a picture with his camera. Rachel with her dark brown hair in two plaits over her shoulder reminded him of Ana from the Frozen. Rachel and he had watched it over a dozen times together. “And you, my princess, look so much like Ana!’’

Phil scooped her up in his arms which made her giggle even more.

“Thank you for helping.’’

“Anything for my princess.’’ The man tickled her in her side and a fresh series of giggles came forth.

“Daddy!" Giggle. “Stop!’’

“What’s that? Rictusempra.’’

Louder giggles as Rachel squirmed in his arms.

After a few seconds, Phil lifted the spell.

There were tears of laughter in the girl’s eyes but she look still very happy. “You’re the best, daddy.’’ She hugged him as tightly as her little arms could.

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