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1) Rupert Grint - He is so funny and really good at being grumpy under the influence of the horcrux.

2) Alan Rickman - His performance while playing Severus was brillant! Especilly the wand battles... oh they're soooo coool!

3) Richard Harris - The most amazing teacher in the series, other than the amazing acting, the character is really good in itself.

4) Emma Watson - She was the perfect person for Hermione Granger, i mean, if you read the discription in the books, she practicly IS her!

5) Ralph Fiennes - Imagine having to play a character with white make - up all over you, your hands, feet, FACE and still having to act well. also he had to imagine he had no nose, that would affect his speech and everything, so there was a lot for him to think about!
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