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Addi thought he could be a Ravenclaw too? This was something Connor had never ever thought of. He always struggled with one of the subjects… which he now admitted out loud. “Transfiguration is so difficult. I need to improve if I’m going to get into the Ministry.’’ Years later, he still had his mind set on joining the place. And why did he want to keep smiling? “You’re just being nice as usual.’’

Had he embarrassed her? By the way her cheeks had turned bright red, Con figured that this was exactly what he had done. “I’m sorry,’’ he whispered. He kept his hands to himself from then on.

His face formed into a scowl quite suddenly, the last of the Cheering charm wearing off. “Yeah, well you don’t know how bad things can get.’’ One mean, grumpy Connor Anders had returned! “Stupid Charm…’’

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