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Really? How had Addison never thought that she could be in Ravenclaw? "You're really brilliant, you know.'' Connor's smile grew wider. Why did he feel so happy? This happiness in turn was making him want to tell her all the nicest of things. He opened his mouth to continue but stopped dead. A compliment? How nice of her! "Thanks! I don't think anyone's ever told me that.'' He noticed the way her hair fell across her eyes. Without thinking, he reached out to brush it away.

He then realised what he had done and pulled his hand away quickly.

Being way happy made him do silly things apparently.

"I wouldn't exactly call it taking care of me,'' Con said. "But she does give me a place to live so I suppose I should be grateful.'' He grinned again his eyes lighting up in excitement. "You bet! That would be so much fun! You could teach me any that you like and I don't know it.''

Wait... what had he just said? And what was he so happy about? The spell was starting to wear out...
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