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Addison was lost in Connor's smile. It was something she had never really taken notice to before. Okay, well she had seen him smile before but it had always been like a smile mixed with a grin or a smirk...nothing like what she was seeing right now. "Ravenclaw? Really? How come?" she asked tilting her head slightly to the side making her blonde hair spill down into her eyes. Blue eyes shinning as she took in the brightness of Connors and that smile he still had on his face. "Did you know what an amazing smile you have?" she blurted out suddenly without even thinking.

His cousin? This surprised Addison as she didn't know he lived with his cousin. "Oh..does does she take care of you then?" It was a cautious hesitant question but one she thought that if she knew the answer to she might be able to understand him more. "Nothing, I just think I might know that song," she laughed shrugging her shoulders, the grin turning into a smile as she heard what he said next. "You'd really teach me more muggle carols?" Yay! That would be really fun if he actually followed through with it. Which he wouldn't because this good mood of his was just due to the charm and nothing else. His favorite song got another smile from her. "I actually know that one!"

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