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Scene 3:
It’s the year 2070. Third years now Connor Anders and Addison Donavon have a Charms lesson together. The professor paired them off to work together. It's time for some fun!

It was right after winter break and everyone had just returned to Hogwarts the day before. Charms was the first lesson of the day and Addison was ready. She was still running on high spirits from the winter break and her energy level was through the roof. Nothing would be getting her down today. Not even as she pushed her long blonde hair back off her shoulders and out of her eyes before entering the classroom.

With her usual warm smile she greeted the professor as well as her fellow peers and took her seat. As the lesson began and the young teen took down notes it seemed like the typical lesson. That was until their professor announced that the students would be working in pairs AND that they didn't get to pick. She could already feel it...this was going to be a disaster.

The professor began calling out names and it wasn't long before she heard her own. Lifting her blue eyes onto the professor she silently hoped for someone she was able to work well with.

"Addison Donavon and Conner Anders!"

And there it was. Connor. Anders. Her partner.

Addison grabbed her things and got to her feet switching seats with another student so she was beside Connor. Setting her things down on the table she turned to face. "Let's just get this over with...okay?"

Merlin help them!
you're pragmatic and dependable, with a tendency to help and advise others,
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