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Default Greenhouses
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{The Greenhouses}

The Greenhouses house any and all plants the Department of Environmental Regulation and Protection is currently working on, both indigenous and foreign. This is where the Botanists make the magic happen - literally and figuratively. Potions ingredients are being grown here as well as experiments conducted by the Research and Development team. After the incidents of the previous year, some of the more aggressive plants have been quarantined into a separate smaller greenhouse, to be tended to only by those specifically assigned to the task. Should you find any of the greenhouses to be short on supplies of any kind, please contact one of the Greenhouse Caretakers.

If you do not work for the Department of Environmental Regulation and Protection, you are NOT permitted to enter any of the Greenhouses without being accompanied by a DERP-employee and/or explicit permission by the Department Head, Olly Emmons-Clarke.

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