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Connor shrugged. Okay so he had indeed noticed that they were practically the same height but still, he was teeny bit taller. That counted as something in his mind so he didn't care what Addison thought. "No thanks. I already know I'm taller.'' He yawned. Yeah, that nap sounded so good right about now. He had been up early that morning to ensure his room had been cleaned out properly. Mary had told him that if he hadn't done it, she'd see to it that he didn't get to stay with her. Seeing that Connor needed his stupid cousin only because he needed a place to stay (until her turned seventeen at least), he had done as she wished.

With a snort at Addison's reaction to seemingly protect the cat, Connor said, "I won't hurt it. I'm not that bad.'' He wasn't mean to animals even though he didn't understand why they were needed. The boy put his hands behind his head just before falling asleep.

Now he needn't bother with Addison or the cat.
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