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Addison rolled her eyes at him. He wasn't as short or skinny as she was? "Uh, yes you are. If you don't think so you really need to open both your eyes and take another look." The two of them were practically the same exact height. Maybe he was just a hair or so taller then her but he was a boy so it was supposed to be that way. In other words he had no bragging rights when it came to this.

Ha! The dungeons were exactly where he belonged and the look on little Addi's face was all to clear in her agreement with that statement. With any luck at all she'd be up in one of the towers on the seventh floor and he'd be stuck down in the deep dark, dank, cold dungeons with her older brother. The boys look at her cat only made her move one of her legs to stretch out along the bench in front of the feline. She didn't like the way he was eyeing her fur baby.

"Good," the blonde stated evenly with an uncaring shrug of her shoulders. Just let him sleep the entire train ride and things would be just fine...

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