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Connor shrugged. He couldn't care less of what Addison wantes or not. "Yes but I'm not as short or skinny as you are.'' He was all words but really, the boy shouldn't even be talking about height and weight. He wasn't that far off from Addison as he was only both slightly taller and had a little more size.

"I'm pleased to hear the feeling is mutual, Addison. I hope to be in the dungeons far away from all the other Houses.'' Especially her House, whichever it would be. Connor's eyes moved to the kitty too but his expression towards it did not change as he gave it a cold look. Pets. Why did anyone ever need them?

"Fine. I'll wake on my own. I don't need your help now anyway.'' And with that, he focused on the ceiling directly above him. He just needed a power nap; twenty minutes tops. He'd drift off soon...
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