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Addison shrugged her shoulders. "Do as you please then." Someday when he was bored and lonely and finally realized the value of friendship he'd back. She knew he would be. Maybe if he was lucky, she'd be there to accept it.

Swinging her feet back and forth a little since she was just a tad to short to reach the floor Addi laughed. "Not gonna happen if you give others the same attitude you've been giving me." Oh, so he hoped he didn't have to see her much? What was he suddenly a mind-reader? "That's highly unlikely as chances are you'll see me in the Great Hall for meals as well in some lessons." Her brother and parents had told her how the houses were in lessons together.

Whether or not he thought the ride was boring she didn't care. Just another reason as to why having friends was a good thing. Still petting Cole she turned her blue eyes towards the window speaking without looking at him, "Stinks to be you then. I'm sure if you get creative you can come up with something."

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