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"I can enjoy things I like by myself,'' Connor said. He sat up now, tired of lying back. He studied Addison as she stared at him. "What's the point of keeping them around if they're not going to be of any use to you?'' Really, that made no sense at all. At least not to him it didn't. Then again, since he didn't need any, he would just pretend to be someone's friend to use them to get where he wanted to be. Now that made a lot more sense.

Addison was laughing at him. Connor narrowed his eyes at her. "I can just as well fake being a good and friendly person. It would be easy to fool all the naive persons especially.'' Acting was something he could do quite well of he did say so himself.

He lapsed into silence for a long while then... "Are we almost to the Castle?'' The boy didn't have a clue as to how long the journey lasted.
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