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Addison swung her feet back and forth to release some of the energy that had build up inside her. This was soooo exciting! The train had pulled away and they were on their way to Hogwarts! Today was the best day ever!

Bright eyes were watching the boy and she smiled at him. Friendly. That's what she was being. He'd joined her in this compartment so he wanted to make a friend, right? At least that's what she had figured but so far the boy was just staring at her. It took forever it seemed for the kid to even just nod his head in reply. He was a first year too! This was so great! Maybe they would be in the same house and he'd be her very first friend! Addi was wiggling with excitement waiting to hear the boys name.

Only she didn't get to find out. Instead he turned away to look out the window or something.

Hmpf. What was his problem? Didn't he want to make friends?

"Are you...alright?" the little blonde asked after being quiet for a few minutes. Maybe he was already homesick and missing his family?

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