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28. Nox

“Rachel Skye Watson! Can you put that light out?’’ Haddie’s annoyed voice penetrated the darkness that was around Rachel’s room. The bedroom’s light was off but Rachel had her blanket pulled over her head. Her wand was lit and she was reading a book.

Rachel scrambled to pull the blanket off then peered sheepishly over at her best friend on the next bed. “I’m sorry, Haddie,’’ the seventeen year old apologised earnestly. “This book is rather interesting. I can’t seem to put it down.’’

Haddie gave Rachel a withering look. “I want to sleep but the light isn’t helping.’’

Rachel sighed. “I suppose it wouldn’t. Alright, I won’t read anymore for tonight. Nox!”

“Great. Thank you.’’ Haddie’s voice dripped with sarcasm.

“Good night, Haddie.’’

But Haddie Denaker was fast asleep already.
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