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19. Jelly Legs

Rachel clutched her lucky stuffed crab, Sebastian. She considered him luck because he had been there for her ever since she was a little girl. The fourth year was currently feeling a little down in the dumps because she was unsuccessful at casting the Jelly Legs Jinx. Haddie was trying to encourage her.

“Come on, Peaches. Feeling sorry for yourself isn’t going to help.’’

“I know that. I’m just having a… moment.’’ Yes, that was exactly it. She was having a moment. Rachel snugged Sebastian once more before climbing to her feet. “Are you ready?’’ A nod from Haddie confirmed that her best friend was.

‘’Locomotor Wibbly!’’ A flash of orange light and there was a thud as Haddie collapsed under her new pair of legs.

“I did it!’’ Rachel jumped up and down a few times before running over to Haddie. “Are you alright? Here’s Sebastian to help cheer you up.’’ Her lucky crab! It had helped her. So had her best friend

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