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Obituary: Abraham Botros, 2003-2090
September, 2090
by: Scout MacIntyre

Abraham Botros passed away in his sleep on August 24, 2090. He was 87 years old. An accomplished educator and researcher, his health had failed in recent years presumably as a result of his involvement with ancient runic scripts.

Abraham was born into a large pureblood family, originally of Birmingham, that had fought during the Second Wizarding War. A Hufflepuff graduate of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, he continued his education first in Edinburgh, Scotland, then in Istanbul, Turkey, and then finally at the Wizarding University in Cairo where he met his wife, Deborah.

A professor of runic study at both the secondary and university levels, Abraham eventually ascended to the post of Headmaster at Hogwarts. He additionally held an honorary professorship at Cairo WU in their Ancient Runes department. Abraham also co-founded the Masters of Runes, a research committee in Alexandria, Egypt.

Abraham was preceded in death by his parents, Abraham and Latifah, his wife Deborah, his brothers Aaron and Samuel, and his sisters Eden and Rula.

He is survived by his sisters Lilah and Samia, his sons Owen (Nora) and Julianne (Patricia), his daughters Sally (Tony) and Janet, and 9 grandchildren: Hassan, Lilian, Marci, Eureka, Rula, Junia, Abraham, Aaron, and Alanna.

Condolences may be directed to the Botros home in Alexandria, Egypt.

OOC authorship credit: AmbiguouslyMe

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