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Originally Posted by Squishy View Post
As soon as Rosalyn had heard about the treehouse that they now had at Hogwarts, there was no way that she was going to give up the opportunity to check it out. Especially not when a lot of her happiest childhood memories was playing with her brothers in the one that they had in their backyard. She really missed that treehouse... Besides, even Professors could have fun and she was definitely not too old for climbing and exploring. Just so long as she wore proper clothing because it would be a shame to damage her heels and nice outfits. Also there was the danger factor.

Making her way up the rope ladder slowly, she eventually reached the top. It was rather surprising to see that the treehouse wasn't crowded because she had half-expected to see a bunch of students hanging out. Hopefully some would arrive soon - or at least one of her colleagues. It would be interesting to see Uncle Art hanging out in here. Maybe they could have a tea party!
Kimi had seen the treehouse when he first came out to the grounds and he knew that he just had to explore it and after he finished climbing the rope ladder he saw that one of the professors was up here as well and said "Hello there Professor" Kimi just wanted to be friendly and meet all the professors
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