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SPOILER!!: Kat! <3
Originally Posted by SarcasticStrawberry View Post
Ham sandwich... It was like she was having a picnic. Here uown little picnic in the treehouse. This was nice. The Hufflepuff was even thinking about getting some studying done while she was out here. But food. Food was the most important thing right now, Katerina sneaked TWO pieces of the chocolate cake in her bag from the great hall. She was going to have to start joining Cornelius when he did his training. Or start her own training with Ava and Noelle so they could all go to camp together next summer.

She finished her sandwich and when straight to the cake. Well she was getting to it she heard someone coming and hid the other piece. Yet that was hers. Sorry not sorry. Hufflepuff or not this was chocolate cake. That meant serious business. Her blue eyes watched as she see the source of noise of someone coming. Oh it was just a Professor. "Hello Professor Stewart. No I'm just having lunch out here." She said with a smile. That was okay right? She was allowed to eat in the tree house. Mr. McLeod allowed outside food in here, yes. "Want to join me?" She only had the other piece of cake and she was sure that the professor didn't bring her own food. She really wanted to enjoy her cake now so like the nice Hufflepuff she was. Katerina offered the professor her other piece of the chocolate cake.

Excellent! Kat didn't mind her company. Smiling, Kay sat beside her student. It may be a a weird sight, professor and student sitting like this but the woman frankly believed that she got through better to students both during and out of lessons if her students were comfortable with her. She believed in getting to know them though she would always keeps things at a professional level.

"Thank you for letting me join you, Ms Delgado. I just had lunch and decided to come out for a walk.'' But wasn't Kat so sweet? "Why thank you! I think I'll have half of this if it's okay with you. I had a big lunch.'' There was always from for chocolate cake, however. Always.

"Have you had a great start to your third year?'' This was an important year, after all, since students decided which classes they went forward with from their fourth year.
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