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Originally Posted by Magical Soul View Post
Genny fed her owl in the Owlry and made her way down to the Lake. The weather was still nice and she wanted to get advantage of the sun while it lasted. The Treehouse was her usual destination, she always came her when she had no other duty or homework or any obligations to go somewhere else. She even carved her name on one of the columns up here during her first year.

Now, she sat down on the edge, easily swinging her legs off and just enjoying the view with hunched shoulders because that was how much relaxed she was.
The treehouse was one of Henry's favorite places to visit during nicer weather, though that probably could be said of almost anything that was out of doors. He did enjoy going outside and really anything that he could do while out there pretty much was considered a good time.

Sometimes he went there to have water balloon fights when the weather was the warmest, but today he decided to take a snack up there and maybe just hang out. He figured there might be a few students hanging around with school just starting and he was usually up for some company. Heading towards the treehouse carrying a basket of fruits and vegetables, with a few cookies thrown in for good measure, he spotted Genny sitting up on the edge.

"Hey, Genny!" he waved with his free hand, shooting his friend a grin as he looked up at her from the ground. "Whatcha doing up there?" He was about to head up himself.
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