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Originally Posted by Schroyers View Post
Alice grinned when she saw him. It was nice to see friendly faces and she hadn't made her rounds to all of her friends yet. She'd been feeling lazy in the days following the feast. "Ohhh my favorite kind of gifts." The redhead did indeed help herself to some snacks and eyed the floating quill a bit. It was smart of Blaise to have but it didn't make it any less weird.

"So, i was thinking it might be a little small for what we need." Alice looked around and walked to the other end of the tree house. "We don't know how many people are going to show up. So that makes it hard to figure out how much space to account for." She tapped her chin and then looked back at him. "What do you think? Still want to use the RoR for rehearsals?" It only made sense really.
While she spoke, Blaise looked about the treehouse, judging for size and the amount of workable space. It wouldn't be a fair assessment in the moment but her words had peaked his interest. "We'll still rehearse in the Room of Requirements." He decided, still looking over every inch of the spacious inside. "Just because we can change the space in there as needed without having to draw a wand and it'll give us a set til we've made one."

Finally getting an eyeful, the Fourth Year went to plop down next to Alice and the basket of snacks. "But I still think we'll have the performance here...for aethestic and stuff." On the walk over he'd already seen it in his head. They would decorate the path leading the treehouse, it would be the none icky sense of the word. "If we need more space we'll have a Professor extend the place further, like we said we would." But this was definitely the place. Yup.
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