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Hey Guys, thanks for reading this short story. This is the last chapter and I really hope you like it. You'll probably be happy to know it isn't very long. I would love to have some feedback if you can spare a minute or two. I've got a One Shot floating around in my brain, but it hasn't materialized yet, so it might be a little while before I post anymore. When or if I do write more, I will post it here after this short story.
Chapter 14

Repulse, Retrogress, Reunify

Harry stood with Jack, Sirius, Carson, and John who had been talking quietly so they didn’t disturb Ron and his family saying good-bye. Sirius put his arm around Harry’s shoulder in a fatherly way and gave him that special wink and smile that is always a comfort to Harry.

Harry made an effort to smile and then said to the group, “In the morning I’m going to have to ride around the bottom land. With all this rain we’ve been getting I’m afraid some of the land might be flooded. Would you like to come with me? We’ll take the four wheelers and have some fun.”

At first there was silence and then John said, “I’d love to, buddy, but Carson and I have to leave at daybreak.”

Harry’s mouth opened and he started to shake his head but stopped before he said what was on his mind. He thought they were going to go home the day after tomorrow, but he wasn’t up to speed on the reality that that day had come and gone with him being in a coma oblivious to the world. “I’m sorry, I lost track of time. I’ve kept you here longer than what you were supposed to be here for. Thank you for all your help; all of you. John, I would be dead if you hadn’t learned how to use the lightning rod. Thank you, and thanks for today, I hope I didn’t hurt you anymore than your broken ribs.” He looked at the others and said, “I broke his ribs when I grabbed him after I turned blue. I didn’t quite have the amount of energy I needed to heal myself before I became normal again, so he blasted me with that rod again. When that happens I don’t have any reasoning skills for several minutes. I’m not safe to be around. All I knew was he had that rod making me go blue. It isn’t a comfortable feeling, kinda hurts a bit. Then he had to defend himself from me for a while. I was really angry and didn’t recognize him. I was really rough with him, but he kept shooting me until this stuff poured out of my wound. But when I came to my senses I gave him some Skele-Gro.”

Carson moved to have a look at John but John said he was fine. “I need to check to make sure you’re up to traveling.” He took out his hand held machine and scanned John and then said, you’re jarred about, but you’ll settle down with some rest. I’m keeping you on light duty for three more days, but you can return to duty. I’d like to know how you kept from being electrocuted though.”

John looked at Harry with the question on his lips. He hadn’t thought of that, but since Carson brought it up it was something he’d like to know the answer to himself.

Harry nodded his head and said, “The lightning rod protects you from electricity, plus you have a natural protection from it because of your relationship to Zeus. I wondered why you weren’t shocked when you took the cloak from my pouch yesterday, or whenever it was that we saved Chevron. But since we found out you are a Demigod, a direct blood descendant of Zeus then that is the reason you are protected from it. Your pencil will protect you from it at all times, and you will never be without your pencil for long if you are separated from it.”

When they all looked at him with understandable doubt Harry asked John if he could see it. John gave it to him and Harry opened the door and threw it into the storm. John wasn’t happy about this, but he didn’t say anything. Within a few seconds, the pencil returned to John.

“Cool,” said John with a smile.

Harry looked over to the steps as Ginny came down from getting Lily to bed. His gaze followed her to the couch where she sat with Sam and Lissy. He sighed and turned back to the window where the blackness of the night and the lightning flashes encouraged his gloom. The rain was becoming a driving force of despair in his mind. How was he to hold Ginny, kiss her, and make love to her when he knows how she feels about him; scary and something of disgust. Why hadn’t she let him talk to her about the gods and their gifts to him? She chose to draw her own conclusions and asked to have her memories removed. He thought of the enchantment he put on her and her family and wondered if maybe he should’ve really made them forget instead of putting it in the back of their mind where it will stay unless they want to remember again. He knew he did it that way because he was hopeful Ginny would want to remember and let him explain to her. He turned his head so he could look over his shoulder at her for a minute and then looked back out the window. She would never want to know, he shouldn’t have had any hope of anything else.

“I’d rather be dead than not have her love for who I am.” He said these words under his breath completely alone in his thoughts. What was he to do? His thoughts went back to his sixth year at Hogwarts when Dumbledore told him that Merope more than likely had given Tom Riddle’s, father to be, a love potion. She had been so in love with him that she felt guilty for trapping him with the potion. Hoping he would love her too she stopped giving him the potion. He left her immediately without considering her or his soon to be born son a second thought. Wouldn’t it be much the same if he kept secret what he knew his wife abhorred and continued to love her in every way? He felt filthy for even considering it.

John broke into his thoughts and asked him about what he believed, about God, Greek and Roman gods, and Heaven and Hell. Sam heard his question from where she was on the couch and said they should come over and sit with them so she could hear the answer too. Harry glowered at John wondering what his intentions were for bringing up the subject in front of Ginny. John just grinned and Harry relaxed his anger but was still annoyed. The men went to the furniture and sat down. Noticing the only place left to sit was beside Ginny, Harry went over and poked at the fire and then put two more logs on it. The fire crackled and spit bright embers up the chimney. He watched it for a moment and turned and sat on the stone slab in front of the toasty fire. It did feel good after being out in the cold rain that hour and a half.

Harry sighed and rubbed his face with both hands and then covered his face with his hands and put his elbows on his knees. He took another breath and raised his head to look at everyone staring at him. Ginny smiled sweetly at him and he blushed severely. “What do you want me to say; just my opinion on the subject or what?”

John nodded and said, “Yeah, I was just wondering what your beliefs are. I notice that you have a well worn Bible on your desk in your study. But, I also know you have a vast knowledge about Greek Mythology. They claim to be gods and they talk about the underworld and Hades. Is there all these different gods and if there is, then who is the boss?”

Harry looked at his friend silently for a full minute wondering how he was supposed to answer that without Ginny knowing about the Ancients. “First of all, I believe there is only one God and He is the ‘boss’ of all things past present and the future. I think there is a group of people who evolved to a higher plain of existence and left Earth as we know it. They existed as beings without corporeal bodies in a different world. They claimed to be gods because of this new existence. Where they lived, they created a higher order and this was their Heaven. They also created an underworld they called Hades. Sometimes they come to life in a corporeal body and fall in love with humans. They have children with these humans and they leave them before they are born. It is supposed to be against the law to do this, but they do it anyway. Many of them lived whole lifetimes here on earth teaching about the gods and the wars they had. Some were sent here in small magical creatures made of the waste that magical folk made disappear from here. They sent them here to help humans.”

Ginny spoke up enthusiastically and said, “Like Winky and our elves!”

Harry smiled slightly and nodded his head. Sirius asked if humans could go to that world, and Ginny spoke up saying, “Harry’s been there before. Dobby took him when Kreacher died. Didn’t they have to give you something in your blood so you could go there? Because I think you said that if you go there without that special gene in your blood you would die instantly.”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

Ginny’s eyes were full of spirit and she asked, “So, that’s where the Ancient Greeks and Romans went after they did this enlightenment thing? The gods were there unless they were busy coming to earth to get women pregnant?” she finished asking with a note of temper showing.

“Yes, you’re right again,” Harry answered quietly, keeping his eyes on her, thinking he would once again be made to feel he was a monster or something vial since he had the gene in him.

“Do these children of gods or goddesses inherit the powers of the parent who gave them the gene?”

Harry wished the subject hadn’t been brought up and more so wished he could just go die somewhere. He sighed seeing her impatience beginning to show. “They have a tendency to be susceptible to the power, but most don’t develop any powers unless they are predetermined to know it. What I mean by that is most children only feel out of place or different and they just simply grow out of it unless the gods feel they need them. Then they are guided to schools where the history of Greek and Roman Mythology are taught very specifically to them; usually by a god. Then at some point the father or mother reveals to them their parentage. This rarely happens anymore, as it is highly frowned upon by the gods. And normally it is only the House Elves from there who comes now.”

“I should think so!” Suddenly she had a worried look on her face.

“Most children go through their entire life without knowing they have a special gene in them. Others are naturally born with the special gene from an ancestor just like some Muggles who don’t have magic themselves pass magic to their children, like Hermione, or my mother’s parents.”

Ginny still looked worried and Harry stood up and moved away from the fire that was toasting his back. “Here it comes,” he thought when Ginny said his name instead of her pet name for him.

“Harry, you have that gene in you, from the gods. You have it so you would stay alive when Dobby took you to his world.”

The look on Harry’s face was unreadable, but there was ice in his voice. “Yes, you’ve already mentioned that. Is there something you need to say? If so; just say it.”

Ginny was taken aback from his cold voice. She became defensive and said, “You kept the fact that you have blood of the gods in you! Were you ever planning on telling me? Did you ever for one minute consider me whether or not I would want you -”

She stopped suddenly because Harry’s face went from red to white and he turned his head to Sam and John. With pain dripping from every word he asked, “Did you find out what you, for some reason, wanted to know about? If so, it’s really late and I’m weary of the day’s events and would like to get a few hours sleep before -”

John spoke quickly saying, “I wanted to find out about the people who ascended to a higher being; the Ancients. I asked about God since I know you believe in Him, because I was wondering what He does when they ascend and say they are gods. Why would He let them go to another place instead of Heaven or Hell?”

After looking at John for a minute he answered, “People who ascend ponder on life and living to the fullest extent that is possible. They wanted a place of living that is above humans dwelling on war, hate, lust, pretty much sins that man is born into. So, they came to a point in their devotions and meditating to rid themselves of their earthly bodies and ascended to a higher being of energy. The thing is; they don’t die. They come to a fraction of a second before death and evolve into their higher existence. If they had died, they would have gone to meet their judgment like we all will sooner or later. It’s what happened to me after I fought Riddle. Ron got Dawn and she took me to their world a fraction of a second before I was dead. My magic was trying to rebuild my body, but I shut it off knowing it would take too long to repair myself. I wanted to die because I couldn’t take the pain I was in any longer, and my brain would have been too long without oxygen. I would have been a vegetable. None of the gods were there that I know of except Zeus. And I didn’t know it was him until today, or yesterday… or whenever it was that I was there. He was there each time I was and he always wanted to teach me to fight. So we fought everyday for years. I took his rod from him and fired it at him. I didn’t for a minute think it was Zeus, I thought he was maybe an Ori who changed his mind at being what the other Ori wanted to become. You see how power makes people act? They all ascended and because nobody was in charge, they began to divide. Some claimed to be gods and goddesses, others split off and became power hungry and created replicators to fight other beings and inhabitants of the universe because they wanted to control everything. Others wanted to split away from them and became the Ori. They literally enslaved people to their religion and consumed their souls to build their own powers.”

Nobody said anything and then Harry asked if anyone had anything to say or ask. Nobody said anything because they were in awe at what Harry had just told them. Even Jack, Sam, John, and Carson were speechless. Harry looked hard into Ginny’s eyes wanting in the worst way for her to tell him she loved him for who he is. However; she didn’t say anything.

“John, I’ll be in the basement more than likely when you get up. Please wake me if I’m sleeping so I can say good-bye properly. Good night, everyone.”

He turned without looking at Ginny and went to the basement where he dropped onto the couch and fell asleep. It was in the wee hours of the morning that he woke up very groggy and confused. Ginny was climbing over him to get on the back side so she wouldn’t fall off the couch if either one moved. She pulled the comforter over them and laid her head on his chest. He instinctively moved onto his side to make more room. He wrapped his arms around Ginny and sighed contently and fell back asleep until he realized they were both naked and she was kissing him with hot lips. She moved over top of him and he put his arm around her and moved onto his back to keep her from falling off the couch. She said she was sorry for behaving so horribly to him.

“I can’t believe I acted so, so, not even childish. It was uncalled for how I treated you. John and everyone else told me that I was being unfair to you. They said you left a memory for me if I ever felt I needed to change my mind. I remembered right away and I can’t believe I acted like that. It was such a shock to me what happened to you and that the gene you had was actually genes from four gods and that one goddess. I don’t mind, Honey. I love you because you are you and nothing or anyone else.” She kept kissing on him and then asked him to forgive her when she was done explaining. “I wish it wasn’t always me who acted inappropriately. Do you have even one memory from your past that if you’d acted on it, it might have changed everything?”

A whirl of battles, and years of pain and weariness flew through his mind. He couldn’t tell her those memories. She was moving over him and he didn’t want to talk about memories but he smiled and said,
*"His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad,
His hair is as dark as a blackboard.
I wish he was mine, he's truly divine,
the hero who conquered the Dark Lord."*

She giggled seductively and softly said, “Are you mine?”

His breathing was shallow but forceful and catching and he pulled her tight against him and kissed her hard with passion. “Yes,” was all he said with a tight throat and the rest is private.

A/N *Poem Ginny sent to Harry via singing Dwarf in The Chamber Of Secrets
And also I want to apologize if I offended anyone talking about God. It is not my intent to offend, but I could not make up things about God, in whom I do believe, but I don’t believe in the others. I felt I needed to explain the way I did to justify the Ancients, gods, Demi gods, and their underworld.
Please forgive me if it turned out wrongly and I ended up being offensive.
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