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Hey Guys, here's the next chapter. One more chapter to go after this one. Hope you like it.

Chapter 13

The River, The Curse, The Cure

Harry woke to Winky dabbing his forehead and singing softly to him. She smiled at him when she saw his eyes open and look at her. He didn’t say anything and he didn’t move. His eyes followed her movements and after about a minute he closed his eyes again and slept peacefully. Next he opened his eyes to see John standing over him, but his reaction was nonexistent; just watching. He didn’t respond to any thing John did nor did he answer any question. Carson moved into the scene and looked closely at Harry. The doctor moved Harry’s head from side to side without any resistance from him. Carson looked up at John and shook his head. “It’s not good; he’s in a coma. He is awake, but not responsive.”

“But, he’s watching you, isn’t that responsive?”

“He’s watching me, but nothing is registering to him. See watch, I’ll show you.”

Carson picked up Harry’s hand and pinched the tender skin between his fingers. Harry just watched Carson without even a flinch. Ginny came in the room in a very cheerful mood, “Is he awake yet? I keep coming in and he keeps going to sleep without saying anything. Carson stood up and offered her the side of the bed he was sitting on. The look on his face told her he wasn’t pleased with his examination of her husband. She sat down and Harry looked in her eyes. She took his hand and felt it limp in hers. She put her hand on his chest and he only looked at her without expression. She looked up at Carson and asked what was wrong with him. “I’ve seen this before when he woke up from that coma of five and a half years. He was like this. What happened?”

“I can only guess that the constant fever of 106 degrees Fahrenheit these four days might have fried his brain. I should take him to Atlantis and run some tests. I’m sorry, Lass.”

Ginny said, “I should have let you take him that first night. I was such an idiot listening to the advice of my family. Can therapy help him or will it be… permanent damage?”

“I don’t want to say until I make a full scan and evaluation. It doesn’t look good though, Love. But; we all know Harry is a remarkable man in every way. I do have hope that he will come out of this ok.”

Just then Lily burst into the room yelling, “Daddy, daddy, daddy,” and jumped up on the waterbed without giving anyone time to stop her. A giant wave rolled Harry over and he would have fallen off the bed but for Ginny and Carson catching him. Ginny was about to scold Lily but Harry started laughing and when he was settled back in bed he looked at his daughter and said, “Good morning, Darling Angel.” He was very weak and his voice was barely audible but he held out his arm for her and she snuggled beside him and he squeezed her with his left arm and fell back asleep.

Everyone was laughing as quietly as they could when Ron and Hermione came in. “I hope you don’t mind, Winky let us in. We’re just in from work.”

Lily saw Hugo and rolled out of bed to go play before he was told to go ahead and start on his homework. Sirius held a charm on the bed to keep the waves from moving Harry.

“How is our hot head tonight, any change; he doesn’t look like a red chili pepper anymore, is he better? He looks so young, like a little kid, but he looks bad still. Is he going to be ok?”

Hermione nudged Ron in the ribs and said, “Let the doctor speak and you’ll get the answers to your questions.”

Carson smiled politely and filled the couple in on Harry’s improvements. “That’s great then; he’ll be up before you know it,” Ron said and added, “Why is he still sleeping; you’d think he’d be hungry?”

Hermione laughed and went over beside the bed and put her hand on Harry’s forehead. “I thought you said his fever broke; he feels hot to me. She looked back at Harry and saw that he was looking at her. He took her wrist and said, “Where are we? I dropped the picture when we jumped out of the window. He knows now, Hermione; he knows. He hates me, so much hate. I can’t swallow; so much hate. Nagini had me, she bit me and she had me in her coils. I can still smell the stench, it’s in me.”

Hermione looked around at Carson for help. “He thinks we’re back in Godric’s Hollow when we escaped from Nagini. She was at Bathilda Bagshot’s house and it did smell beyond worse than anything you can imagine. We barely escaped with our lives. Lord Voldemort nearly had us.”

She looked back at Harry who by this time was sweating horribly and breathing irregularly. He looked up at Hermione and his eyebrows knitted together in thought. “Hang on…something isn’t right here. What’s wrong with me; that happened years ago didn’t it? Didn’t that happen a long time ago like nearly twenty years ago?”

He looked at his hand on Hermione’s and let go quickly. “I’m sorry, Hermione; did I hurt you? Why are you crying?” Ron stepped into Harry’s line of sight and Harry looked solemnly at him. Ron gently pulled Hermione onto her feet and he sat where she had been. They stared at each other for a few more seconds and then Harry said, “Have you come to kill me, Ron? Can you let me see Ginny first?”

Ron gasped and turned white in the face. “What?! No! I’m not going to kill you! Why would you think that?!”

“Kingsley gave the order; he’s afraid I have an army from the furnace and he can’t take a chance on me attacking everyone.” Upon Ron’s bewildered silence Harry sighed with a rattle in his chest. “Just do it; I’m nearly dead anyway. Put me out of my misery.” He closed his eyes and moaned when he coughed up blood.

“Harry!” shouted Ron and he roughly shook his shoulders. “I’m not going to kill you!”

Harry opened his eyes and breathed in hard and coughed some more. “What?! That’s good to know, but why would you need to tell me that? Did I do something to make you mad?” He saw that the blankets were down to his waste and he didn’t have a shirt on. He tried to pull them up quickly at the same time apologizing for not being presentable.

Ron laughed nervously and said, “Mate what’s going on with you? One minute you’re talking normal and the next you’re talking out of your head.”

Harry looked surprised and slightly shook his head. “What have I been saying? I am really confused with time and what is and isn’t…”

Ron broke in saying, “Well, you were going on about Nagini having you, and saying ‘he knows’ and then you were talking about, well… you were asking me if I came to kill you because Kingsley ordered it because of you having an army from the furnace.”

Harry had a faraway look in his eyes and then Ron said, “Look, Harry, it’s raining the way you like. Maybe you should go get cleansed or whatever it is you go on about.”

John looked at Ron and smiled. “I’ve heard Harry say this a few times but it is relevant just now for sure. How many times has Harry told you that you’re brilliant?” He made like he was going to go to Harry’s side but needed to walk behind Lissy to get to him. As he passed behind her he whispered, “They can’t hear what I’m about to say.”

“Dr. Beckett, Ron just reminded me of something. You said last night if Harry’s fever didn’t break you were going to try that one thing on him?”

At first Carson stood with his eyebrows arched not knowing what John was talking about, but then caught on he was just stalling for time. Lissy started turning Ron, Hermione, and Ginny towards the door. Ginny looked worried and bulked at being moved and said, “I need to stay with Harry.”

Lissy shook her head wisely and softly said, “You guys need to be with Lily and Hugo in case he screams. I’ll get you if it goes badly, but I think this is what needs to be done and right away. Ginny, sweetheart, you see him and you can hear that…”

Ginny gasped sharply at the thought of Harry dying. “You’ll get me right away?” Lissy gently shoved them the rest of the way out of the room promising them she would get her at the first hint of it not working.

John gently pulled Harry into a sitting position and said, “Listen, I think I know what is happening. Harry is dying so I need to hurry. This is from the River Styx and the Little Tiber. His memory of Nagini is from her attacking him in the River Styx. That’s what the stench and all the hate is he was talking about. And when he was talking to Ron, he was talking about him standing in front of the furnace that produced the army he killed. He was actually thinking about Hades at the end of the River Styx. He was out of his head with fever, but he knew he couldn’t say anything about Hades or the two rivers because Ginny and the others didn’t want to know about it. He made them forget.”

John looked at Harry and asked if he thought he was right. Harry nodded his head thoughtfully and said, “Yeah, I think you’re right. But why would I…”

He felt his lower torso and said, “I took my appendix out before I went in the river. I tried to make sure I didn’t swallow any, but when the troll hit me I did swallow some. So when I got back home and Percy was saying something stupid about me owing them something I got angry and went outside. While I was out there I remembered I hadn’t put my appendix back in yet. I went back and I knew I was too weak to use the black magic so I cut myself open and put it back in. Since I swallowed some of the River it affected my appendix, it was my death spot if I ever got wounded there, which I was from Leviathan ripping me apart when we jumped in the Little Tiber. I swallowed some of that river too. So, that has let the curse of the Styx kill me. I’m being poisoned with a curse, not from the water technically, it’s long gone from my system, but from the curse; which explains the fever and why it couldn’t be lowered. And my fever broke through the night because Lily came in and put her hand on my forehead. I thought I was dreaming. And then the curse was coming back again but left when she jumped in bed with me and snuggled with me. She was just there a few seconds when Ron, Hermione, and Hugo came and she left to play with her cousin.”

Sirius asked what he had to do to be cured. “Unless I have my History of Mythology wrong, there isn’t a cure for that curse and I don’t think Lily is strong enough to counter the poison curse.”

John said, “Harry, you have to either be healed by Dawn, or you’ll have to turn blue and do it yourself.”

“I’ll never ask anything of them, and I don’t have enough strength to go blue enough to heal myself from the curse.”

John pulled out his special pencil and clicked it. The pencil became Zeus’s lightning rod and Harry swallowed hard. He shook his head no slowly showing real fear. “No, please don’t. Let me die, please?” John told him he had to because it was the only way, and he would be dead in a matter of minutes if he didn’t do it now. “You only have to be blue for a short time.”

Harry was breathing hard and began to cough blood in a large amount. It was spurting from his mouth now. Jack ordered John to just do it. John said, “I’m sorry buddy, I hope you forgive me,” and shot him with a sustained blast. Harry screamed in pain and turned blue and he grew into a giant. Harry stood bent over so his upper body wouldn’t bust through the roof. He grabbed John and brought him to his face his eyes burning with raw rage. He jerked his head to the door at the sound of footsteps running to the bedroom. John said, “Harry; take us up to Pride Rock, hurry!” Sam was holding onto Jack hating to see John being squeezed so hard. It was obvious he was in horrible pain but he was still able to make Harry listen to him.

They disappeared and Ginny ran in the room crying out for Harry followed by Ron, Hermione, and the two kids. Sam took Ginny by the shoulders and smiled. “We think it worked. It was painful for him, and he will be weak for a little while, but Dr. Beckett thinks he’ll be fine. He wanted to go out in the rain to bring down his extremely high fever to keep his brain from frying. I’m sure you’ll see a big change in him when he gets back. John went with him to keep him company.”

Ginny hiccoughed and nodded her head. They all went downstairs and the men went in the living room while the women went to the kitchen to help Winky prepare dinner. Ron was visibly shaken and said, “When Harry screams like that, I mean… it’s because he is in so much pain he wishes he was dead. And I can’t help but... When Voldemort was alive and capture him all those times it caused unbearable pain and he screamed like that. I couldn’t figure how to help him or how he could get free, and I would wish that he could just die and be free of the pain. And then when he killed Voldemort I thought I wouldn’t ever have to hear him scream like that again. Tonight sounded worse than ever. Do you really think he’ll be ok?”

Jack had a new respect for Ron after him saying that and nodded his head. “I’m sure he’s fine. John has orders to call if anything goes wrong, and the phone hasn’t rung.”

Ron only nodded his head and stayed silent but for a sigh of relief. An hour and a half later John and Harry walked in the front door. They were dripping wet, exhausted, and looked like they just returned from a battle, but they both smiled. Harry and John started towards the couch to sit and were completely dry after the first step. Harry was no longer in his loincloth but was clothed complete with socks and shoes. When he spoke his voice was raspy and quiet. “Is dinner about ready?” he asked hopefully. Harry started to sit on the end and John shoved him roughly to the center and he sat on the side.

There was total silence due to the hostile action of John. Harry chuckled and said, “A little respect for the weak, brother.”

John’s only comment was, “Pfft!” but he had that adorable impish grin on his very pale face all the while.

Ron asked how they got their cuts and bruises and John said, “Harry wanted to go get some of his cleansing rain but we ended up in a storm.”

“A storm? But it’s only just a calm rain. Where did you guys go? I heard thunder over the way; around Pride Rock, but it’s just been a gentle rain here.”

“Yeah, well, we ended up in a storm; a raging storm I might add.”

“But the bruises and cuts-” interrupted Hermione.

John and Harry looked at each other with their heads bowed and grinned foolishly. “Harry felt the need to object to the treatment Carson had to use on him. He felt the need to relieve some pent up stress and I was there to be a punching bag of sorts. He was still very delirious; he didn’t know me so I can’t fault him.”

Ginny drew her breath in sharply and said, “Love, you could have really hurt John, I’m surprised at you! And you are in no condition to fight whether you’re relieving stress, playing or whatever!”

Harry chuckled and said, “It’s all good, the important thing is I’m all better and John lived through it. Is dinner ready? I really didn’t know who he was or what was going on. I thought he was attacking me.”

John made a show of pulling at his torn pocket on his shirt and said with an innocent look, “Yeah, it’s all good if you’re not the one being thrown around like a rag doll.” He grinned wickedly at Harry at the reaction from his friends.

Harry sighed heavily and rolled his eyes and defensively said, “I said I was sorry, just get over it already. Can we eat now please?” He looked at John and grinned not being able to keep up the ruse that he was angry.

Winky answered and they all looked at her with surprise. And then Hermione laughed, “We were supposed to come and get you guys but got interested in what was going on. Come on, let’s eat. Then we need to get home so Hugo can get his homework done before he goes to bed.”

They all sat at the table and Harry looked over at Lily and smiled. “I missed you, Angel. Tell me all about your time with Jack and Sam.”

Lily smiled sweetly instead of telling him she already told him a couple times and said, “I missed you too, Daddy, but it’s top secret what we did. I can tell you that we had cake.”

Everyone laughed because they all knew Jack and Sam worked at a top secret facility, and Jack really does like cake. Pleasant conversation continued, but Harry began thinking of the time that past while he slept. He was confused trying to place events others were talking about to a particular time frame. And he tried to think what was said before and after he modified memories. He didn’t want to say something and it happened to be during the time they wouldn’t remember. He tried to laugh when someone said something that was evidently funny but could only manage a small chuckle. And then he even gave up on trying and sat there thinking.

“Uncle Harry!” said Hugo rather forcefully, but smiled innocently when Harry snapped his head to look at who demanded his attention.

Harry smiled politely and apologized for not paying attention and asked what he wanted.

“I was wondering if you and Aunt Ginny are going to have any more babies. You need to have one more.”

Lily huffed and folded her arms across her chest and said, “No they don’t need another baby! I would be the one who had to take care of it and it wouldn’t be fair. Mum is working and Daddy works or has to spend time getting fixed from being nearly dead all the time.”

Ginny threw her napkin on the table and started to get up, but Harry calmly put his hand on hers to keep her sitting. He looked at Hugo and smiled and said, “Hugo, forgive me please, but would you be so kind as to let me talk to Lily for a minute before we discuss your question?” The boy nodded his head in awe of Lily being out of character of how sweet and kind she always is.

Harry thanked him and then looked at Lily. His heartbreak was obvious but he spoke with respect and gentleness although disappointment and displeasure was in his voice. “Lily, I appreciate your honesty, but you were very rude to Hugo and everyone else at this table. The question wasn’t directed to you, it was directed to me. We’ll speak of why you feel the way you do on the subject of babies and who would be taking care of them later.”

His gaze was unyielding and Lily knew what she had to do. “I’m sorry, Hugo. I won’t open my mouth with ugliness again. I was being jealous and that is something I don’t like in people and I don’t want to be that way. And I apologize to everyone else too, for being so rude. I real bad need to say I’m sorry to Mum and Daddy; it was duphideous of me.”

“What does that mean; dupeious thingy?!”

Ron bent sideways to say something to his son in an undertone, “It’s okay son, women talk in a language us guys don’t understand a lot of the time. Just accept her apology because that’s what she is asking for.”

Hermione smiled lovingly only acting upset poked Ron in his side and he jerked up and innocently said, “What!? I don’t know what it means either! But I do know she was sincerely asking for forgiveness.”

Harry smiled slightly at Hugo and Ron and said, “The word is duplicitous, and she meant it as being treacherous or disloyal to her parents because she knows we make sure our children are loved and well cared for and saying anything other than that is telling fictional stories about us.”

He looked wearily at Hugo and swallowed slowly. He had been doing too much talking with his raw throat from screaming so hard. He started to speak but his voice cracked. He cleared his throat and said, “You asked if Ginny and I are going to have any more babies and then said we needed to have one more. So, why don’t you tell me why we need one more so I can fit my answer directly to what you are asking?

Hugo said, “Okay, well you see; James has red hair like Aunt Ginny, and Albus has black hair like you… had, and Lily has red hair like Aunt Ginny so you are outnumbered. And Lily is outnumbered; two boys and only one girl. You need to have a baby girl who has white hair like yours is now. And why is your hair all white and short now?”

Harry sat quietly trying to remember what was said he was supposed to say about what happened before he adjusted the adults’ memories. He knew Lily and Hugo were in the playroom when the plan was made. He remembered he didn’t think it was a good plan but did it anyway. “To answer your question; I would feel badly for any baby of ours to have to be born with white hair to make things even. So I guess based on that reasoning, just to make it even, we won’t be having any more babies. And about the hair; I’m sorry, Hugo, I don’t remember when it turned all white or what happened to make it turn white. And it was cut short because I, as Lily put it, needed fixing again and my hair was in the way so somebody, err no wait, I cut it and my beard off. It has grown back somewhat, but I don’t know if it will get as long as it was before or not. I think when I take time to look in the mirror my honest reaction will be the deciding factor of it growing back, long or not. Tell me what you think. Do you like it long or short?”

Hugo giggled and said, “I like it long! I like watching it when you get mad. It goes all blowing wild like in the wind and lightning crackles in it when you move.”

Harry opened his mouth slightly ajar fully surprised. All he could do was look at Hugo as if he was going to say something else that sounded ludicrous. He licked his lips and swallowed. “My hair does what?” But instead of waiting for an answer he looked at Lily and tipped one side of his mouth in a very scant smile and quietly said, “What about you, Darling Angel, long or short?”

Lily giggled happily because she was included in on the conversation and her daddy called her by his pet name for her. “I love it both ways. I think though that I like it best long. Short makes you look too young to be our Daddy, and you look too young to be Mummy’s husband.”

Harry’s eyebrows arched in shock and he looked at Ginny. “Honey; long or short?”

Ginny was still laughing at Lily’s reason and looked at her husband, but then got serious. “You really do look a lot younger, but-”

Harry saw her eyes go to different scars on his face and neck and his hair and beard grew back to the way it was before he cut it. He looked in her eyes and said barely loud enough to be heard, “I guess you got your answer, Hugo.” He swallowed and stood up slowly and excused himself from the table and went in the living room. Everyone went in to find him looking out the window into the blackness of the night. It was still raining and occasionally lightning flickered across the sky and distant thunder rumbled and boomed.

“Looks like another storm is coming,” said Jack who was now standing beside him.

“There is always a storm. It might not be here at the moment, but the threat is always looming. It is where I live; always on the edge or right in the middle of it.”

Ron, Hermione, and Hugo came up behind the two and Ron said they were taking off. Harry turned to them and smiled. “Thanks for coming over. I don’t remember you coming, but I enjoyed your company. Hugo, how are you doing in school?”

Hugo grinned broadly and said, “All the boys hate me b’cause all the girls love me. It’s all on account of my hair isn’t frizzy now. Thanks for that, Uncle Harry.”

A twinkle glimmered in Harry’s eyes as he smiled and said, “The guys will come around as long as you don’t let the attention change who you are.”

Hugo nodded and said, “I don’t worry about them because they’re just jealous. When they start needing me on their teams because I can run faster and hit harder than all of them, they will notice my hair isn’t the big deal they thought it was and beg me to be on their team.”

Harry grinned and said, “You’re a good boy, Hugo, I’m proud of you.” Harry looked at Ron and Hermione and said, “You’ve done a good job raising your kids.”

Hermione said, “You and Ginny have raised your kids just as well.”

Harry smiled in a sad way thinking he had little to do with raising his kids and quietly said, “We are blessed with good kids; all of us.”

Ron put his hand on Harry’s shoulder and said, “We’ll see ya later, mate. Take it easy.”

Hermione kissed him on the cheek and smiled, “You guys need to come over for dinner with us when you feel up to it.”

Harry was surprised at the invitation and smiled graciously, “Thanks for the invite, Hermione. We can come anytime you want; I’m ready when you guys are.” He tried to remember the last time they had been asked over because it had been years. Then Hermione said, “Yeah, be thinking of where you want to go out; it’ll be great.”

Harry forced a friendly smile and said, “I’ll leave that to you and Ginny then.”

They said good-bye and Harry waved and then pulled Hugo into a fond hug when the boy reached toward him. He kissed Hugo on top of his head before he let go of him and softly said, “Good-bye, son.”
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