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Hey Guys, here's the next chapter. Only four left. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 10

The Explanation

All at once John said, “Stand back everyone!” and pulled out a mechanical pencil and it expanded into a Lightning Rod. Winky pulled Ginny back to a safe place and watched John cautiously. John shot lightning into Harry and Harry’s body jumped off the floor. John shot him again with a longer blast and Harry’s body jumped off the floor again. John shot him one more time with a sustained lightning bolt and Harry jumped up off the floor totally blue with white glowing eyes. Just as suddenly as that happened the blue went away and his eyes turned back to normal but he still had pure white hair.

Harry looked around and said, “Thanks, brother. Good to know you paid attention in your classes.” He moved toward Ginny and tried to hug and kiss her, but she looked repulsed and confused but didn’t move away or turn him away. He didn’t look hurt or betrayed but nodded in understanding. “You feel the hate on me, you can smell it. I’m going to shower and then get some sleep.”

He made to leave the room and Percy said, “I think you owe us an explanation!”

Harry rounded on his brother in law and said with ice in his voice, “I owe nobody nothing. I’ve paid my dues in full!” and stormed out of the room with miniature blue lightning bolts zapping through his glorious white hair as it lifted off his face, shoulders and back with every movement he made. He stopped and looked outside at the rain. The soft drizzle always beckoned to him; the promise of cleansing. He walked outside and stood in the yard with his arms to his side and his face to the heavens.

Ginny started to follow, but John stopped her. “He really needs some time to clear his head and though he needs some medical attention and sleep this will do him a world of good.”

Jack couldn’t stay quiet any longer and said, “That’s a pretty nifty pencil you have there, are there any others like it?”

John laughed and said, “Actually, Harry has the original one that he won from a battle with who owned it. We should all get comfortable because this is a very long story. It actually answers a lot of questions for everyone, including me. But, I need to tell you that you will not be allowed to speak of any of what I tell you to anyone including Harry; it is a matter of national security for all of us and a matter of deep pain for Harry. Nothing you find out from me can leave this room. Does everyone understand?”

As everyone sat and listened, John told them all about the Ancients and who they are. Jack raised his eyebrows and looked at Sam. They were wondering what made John think he could give out classified information like he was doing. John told them that Kingsley was one but Kingsley decided to give up Ascension because he loved Harry as a son and couldn’t go along with what the Ancients wanted him to do.

“When the being or the soul of the Ancient Kingsley exited him Harry thought the Ancients kept it captive somewhere, but what they really did was banished him to the underworld. He couldn’t do anything until he met up with a man killed in the mine. If the Ancient could combine with a body he would be able to come here in the world of the living under the right circumstances. But, he couldn’t figure out how to do it. He couldn’t escape the River Styx and could only come here in the form of thunder and black lightning. He has been attacking Harry quite often and Harry hadn’t said a word to anyone about it. The last time he showed up was today when Harry had just saved Chevron. It was this being that poisoned the pasture with Hemlock to cost Harry the loss of his beloved horse and his livestock. Harry defeated him at great expense to his physical well being. That’s the reason he looked the way he did when we got back.”

John stopped talking when Lily and Hugo ran into the room to ask for cookies. Ginny got up and fixed them some snacks and told them to take them back to the play room and eat them. John had been sitting at a vantage point where he could easily watch Harry out the window across the room in front of him. He was startled when Harry momentarily disappeared but came back a second later.

When Ginny returned to the living room she quickly nodded to John for him to continue. So he did. He started by saying that Harry figured why he was having trouble eating the pudding Winky made. “Dawn was trying to communicate with him. When he realized it he left immediately and I grabbed on so I could help. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Harry had moved the secret place with the gateway in it to the event horizon of the Black Hole that the Ancients call their home world.”

John shivered thinking about it and then continued, “To get there we had to go through the underworld. And because I was with him it took more of his strength than was normal. The pull on us was terrible. I thought we would be pulled apart. I lost my hold on Harry, but he grabbed me and when we got there he collapsed in exhaustion. He was revived by Zeus and they had a big fight and that’s when Harry got this lightning rod. He told me to ask Zeus to give me lessons on how to work it. Dawn told Harry that he had to go to the underworld and bring the being to her so they could get him back under their control again. She said Harry had to do this because it was on his way there to destroy them all, their whole world just to get to him. Harry told her it was their problem that he did his part by saving Kingsley instead of killing him.”

“Zeus hates Harry because he is a wizard and was able to beat him in every battle they had. The forty two plus years he was there, Zeus said he was training Harry for other species of aliens and creatures he will come up against in the future. They fought every day until Harry was too exhausted to move. And then Harry did the unthinkable, he bested Zeus, took his lightning rod, and used it against him. The sad thing about this is, when Harry had to go to the Ancients world the very first time, the time Dobby took him, Dawn said that the Roman god Mercury gifted him a Gene from him that gave him Ancient DNA so he could be there legitimately. But, I think he did that earlier, because of him being able to travel instantly without Apparating, and that would have come from Mercury because he was the messenger god and that’s how he traveled. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m right. So I wonder what he really gave him. The Greek god Poseidon gave him his gene and not to be outdone by his brother; Zeus gave him his Gene just before Harry fell into that coma, but only because he was jealous. He gave his gene confidently thinking that Harry wouldn’t live even if the Ancients tended to him. When he did live, Zeus told Harry that he, Mercury and Poseidon were his fathers and that he wanted to teach him how to fight with the lightning rod. Of course we all know that Harry is already an expert fighter; but now he knows how to use the lightning rod. Zeus caused Harry to not remember who they were, only that they were Ancients who loved him. Zeus had another agenda though; he wanted to kill Harry himself, and what better way to make it look like a training accident than teaching. It was Zeus, by the way, who caused the storm that nearly killed Harry in Brazil.”

John looked around at everyone and smiled. They looked like a snapshot of a group of surprised people; their mouths hanging open and their eyes wide. He continued talking and explaining various things like the Ancient being, nearly making it to the secret place.

“Like I said earlier; Zeus woke Harry from the rest he desperately needed. He told him he had to take them to a safe place for payment of saving his life when he died killing Riddle. They fought and when the fight ended Zeus shot him with his lightning rod. It was a huge charge he hit him with. Harry became a huge blue giant and his eyes shone like white lights. But he didn’t understand anything about who he was or who we were or that there was an urgent need for him to move the secret place somewhere safe. Dawn thought Zeus gave him too much power and it fried his brain, but then Harry was able to somewhat understand when I asked him if he could take us someplace safe.”

John stopped talking and stood up and began to pace the floor. He shook his head and wiped his eyes and sat back down. He began to tell them with a constricted throat how Harry had shown love and compassion for him. “He thought I was a very small child. He picked me up like you pick up toddlers and he sat me on his forearm and he pulled me to his chest and stroked my head telling me he would keep me safe and not to be afraid. He held my face in the palm of his hand and put our faces together and then he kissed me on my cheek a couple times. He hugged me to him tightly but he was so gentle I felt like his sole purpose for living was to keep me safe. I have never felt that safe in my life and I have never felt so much love and compassion in my life. When he put me on my feet he pressed me to his leg and told me to hang on. He wouldn’t move us until I did, so here I am, a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force, hugging the leg of a giant for dear life. My head only came up to the bottom of his knee; that’s how big he was.”

“So Harry started out with his arms above his head like he was carrying something huge and he started groaning for the strain was great. His knees began to bend and he was yelling so loud it sounded like the pounding of a huge waterfalls. I didn’t know how long this went on right then but finally he stopped and then he collapsed. It was a good thing Harry made me hang on because I felt like I was being sucked out of wherever we were. His hair turned white like it is now, and it hasn’t been black since. I think it is permanently white now. He slept for hours or days, I didn’t know which. Dawn did some work on finding out what time it was and said it took us a month to get there. While he slept Dawn opened a window and we saw that he took us to Atlantis where and Ancient named Janus had a secret lab only we were two months in the future. Dawn said it was impossible to do, but Harry did it. So anyway Harry had caused the Stargate to go offline and all our ships in space to malfunction to keep them from leaving the Galaxy so it wouldn’t cause a wrinkle in the fabrication of time. Now this is pretty confusing so I’m going to explain it once and if you have questions you might have to wait for Harry to explain it better. When he left to get Leviathan, Zeus took me into the world of the Ancients and I was actually there for twenty six years. The whole time he was teaching me all about gods and ascention of the Ancients. He taught me how to fight and use the lightning rod. I could never beat him like Harry did, but he was proud of me. He told me over and over how much he hated Harry because of him being a wizard, but he has never had so much respect for a mortal or god as he does for Harry and he will no longer try to kill him. I asked him why he always tried to kill him if he respected him so much and he said because if he didn’t he would lose face in the eyes of the others. After trying for so long and being unable to accomplish killing him, it was better to say he was training him all along and they only thought he was trying to kill him and called his teaching a huge success, rather than for everyone to see him trying to kill him and Harry defeating him each time.”

“All the while we were fighting and talking I could see Harry in my mind as if I was there with him. It was rather disconcerting not being able to help him. Harry fought in the River Styx for three months solid. He ran into a troll, Ludo, Tom Riddle, and some other things that terrified him. Harry nearly lost the battle, but he outsmarted them and got away from them. So many times he could have just sent Leviathan to Hades to never return, but Dawn had begged him not to; she pleaded for him to bring him back to her. Harry had compassion for her and said he would, but she knew then how hurt and betrayed he was that she preferred Leviathan being there safe at the great cost of his life. She knew it would kill him when all was said and done because of every fiber of strength he would have to use and the great strain it would put on his heart literally breaking it. And as you have clearly seen, his condition was exactly that when he brought us home. His only hope was that Zeus would teach me to use the rod because it would be the only thing there would be time for using. I recharged his heart enough that his heart healed itself. He has horrible wounds from the beating Leviathan gave him, but he needs rest before anything else.”

Ron asked John why Zeus was so nice to him and hated Harry. Molly answered saying, “Well, John isn’t a wizard; if you remember Zeus hates, but still it isn’t fare that he should like him and hate Harry.”

John smiled, he understood she wasn’t saying what it sounded like; that Harry was better than him and shouldn’t be hated just for being a wizard.

“You’re right; Zeus doesn’t hate me; he actually loves me because I am his son. Turns out… I am a Demigod. When my mom got pregnant, it was by him. He took human form and fell in love with her. He seduced her and left when he found out she was pregnant. My dad and her were great friends and got married right away to save her from scandal. So, Harry and I are by all accounts, brothers. Harry from when we first met has always said he felt we were brothers and has always called me brother. He said we have so much in common and he was right, we have everything in common. And as it turns out, I am only ten years older than he is.”

Bill said, “So, Harry was talking about those gods when he said he had others from out of this world who claims him as their son. He has three gods for fathers?”

John said, “Yes, and remember, you cannot mention this or any part of what I say to Harry. The god, Set, brother of the Goddess, Isis, caused Sibyll Trelawney to make a Prophesy that the Dark Lord would mark his equal and neither could survive while the other lived. And this is where Harry got two other genes. One was from the Goddess Isis and the other was from her son Hor, or more commonly known as Horus by the Greeks. The others didn’t know, but Isis and Horus gave Harry the genes when he was just a baby. They came to Earth and gave him the Gene immediately after Tom Riddle killed his mom. They, especially Isis, had powerful magic spells to help people. Horus was a symbol of protection and courage. He defeated all evilness in the world, symbolically, by killing Set, his mother’s brother, who killed his father Osiris. When Horus was just a baby Set transformed himself into a poisonous snake and bit him, nearly killing him. The god of wisdom, Thoth saved him. When Tom Riddle killed Harry’s parents; Isis and Horus gave him the combined genes from them to empower him to repel the curse. His mother’s spell that protected him was given to her by Isis, and after Riddle killed her, Horus intended to guide Harry’s hand to pick up his mom’s wand she put in his crib but Harry had already picked up the wand and was biting on it like a teething toy but quickly turned it on Riddle on his own. Harry’s words, ‘bad man go,’ weren’t magical so just in case the wand wasn’t magical enough to take the words as a magical command; Horus doubled the spell that rebounded on Riddle. It was at this exact moment in time Harry became, “The Chosen One.” Riddle had intended to kill another baby, Neville Longbottom, when he was through with Harry, but because Harry reduced Riddle to less than a spirit, a shadow of his formal self, he wasn’t able to.”

Nobody could utter a sound and sat spellbound waiting for more of the story from John. “The story gets more incredible if you can believe it. Set saw a way to get vengeance and gifted Tom, unbeknownst to him, his Gene and put it in his mind that he had marked Harry in a way that would enable him to always be able to get in Harry’s mind. As the spirit form of Tom left, Set snatched the last of Riddle’s soul and directed it into Harry so that Tom was assured a part of his soul if the other Horcruxes were destroyed. Harry would not, he thought, be able to kill the other Horcruxes because the one in him would fight to prevent this from happening. But it was actually Set who put that scar on Harry’s forehead by causing the Horcrux to go into him. This was to insure that Riddle would be able to control Harry and the piece of soul would be able to leave Harry and return back to Riddle to ensure his eternal dominance when he killed Harry. Tom Riddle’s body was dead, but a mere spirit shadow of him lived because of the fractured part of his soul that lived in Harry and other Horcruxes. He would be able to conjure his body with potions and dark magic once he captured and used Harry’s blood. It was Set’s Gene that would make this possible. But as we know, once again Harry defeated Riddle but more importantly; he has now defeated Set too.”

Ron asked if Harry knew about the god and the goddess giving him those powers and John answered, “No; Dawn doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him to know. That’s why I said none of you can tell him. They only found out when Harry and Tom fought to the death. When Harry’s parents were murdered Isis and Horus fought Set before Set disappeared. That is what blew up Harry’s bedroom and damaged that whole end of the house. The whole place would have burned down with Harry in it if they hadn’t put out the fire. Saving Harry from the fire is why they lost Set. And then Hagrid and Sirius got there so they disappeared.”

Percy nodded his head in the all knowing way he has about him and said, “So, Harry isn’t that great after all, it’s been those gods and the lot of them helping him all these years. He sure had us fooled. Just when we were starting to believe it wasn’t a hero complex he has too.”

John spoke quickly noting the rage he saw come into Ginny’s eyes. He knew her famed bat boggy jinx was about to fly. “No, it was all Harry. Ancients don’t normally get involved with helping us even though they could. They say it would unbalance the universe by undermining mans free will. So, no, everything Harry learned and accomplished was on his own. His fighting, and his magic are all his. Isis and Horace only stepped in that one time. I guess I should give credit to Mercury for Harry’s ability to learn every language, human and animal; and his ability to instantly go from one place to another without traveling by way of Apparating. Mercury gave him the foundation to learn how to travel between times, past, present, and future. It’s how he was able to take us to the future to be safe from Leviathan. And also credit should be given to Poseidon for teaching him how to stay under water indefinitely and how to control it more than just being an Element Bender. Mercury is quite impressed and proud of Harry. The thing is they said they only put the ideas in his head and Harry worked it out on his own. I think since then though that he figured it all out. He can make his mind do incredible things.”

Ron was rather indignant and said, “I think Harry has a right to know. I say we should tell him.” Hermione at a loss because she was learning all this on hearsay instead of reading it in a book nodded her head in agreement.

John; rather impatiently said, “What is the one thing Harry asks about this Riddle stuff? I know he has mentioned it to you all, he mentions it to me quite a lot.”

Ginny spoke saying, “He has always wondered how Lord Voldemort knew the Prophesy was about him. It could have been Neville.”

John nodded his head, “That’s right. Can you imagine how he would feel if he knew there were two higher beings right there in the house with him when his parents were murdered and they didn’t do anything but help him, and only him? Actually the truth of the matter is that Isis and Horus only found out about Set helping Tom Riddle just before he killed James. If there had been more time, they would have helped James and Lily, but their main objective was to make sure Harry lived at all cost. Since Lily had already put her wand in the crib hoping Harry could use it, then all Isis could do was help her with the protection spell while Horace tried to help Harry with the wand. Harry grew up not knowing he was a wizard, but he accepted his fate before he even truly understood that he was to be the one to kill Tom Riddle. What he doesn’t know is that it wasn’t to revenge his parent’s death, but to end Set’s continuous hold of evil over the world. What Set wasn’t counting on was Tom Riddle making Nagini a Horcrux. Set decided to take the form of a snake again to kill Harry, just as he tried to do with Horace. He didn’t particularly like becoming Nagini; but did so because he met Tom when he wasn’t yet corporeal. Tom and Set met after Tom was nothing but a thought in the wind so to speak. He occupied many forms, and Set saw the opportunity to get close to him if he became a female python. Tom took the form of a male python and the two became fast and loyal friends, the only friend Tom ever had. Set was stuck in the form of Nagini when Tom made him, err her, a Horcrux. She nearly had Harry killed but he and Hermione got away from Bathilda’s house. Set did taste some satisfaction knowing he poisoned Harry though. But, he wasn’t counting on Hermione being able to save him.”

Percy coughed out a laugh and looked about with a smug smile. “So; Neville is the true hero of the story, because he is the one who killed Nagini.”

John frowned at Percy and said, “What do you have against Harry after all the sacrifices he’s made and all the pain and suffering he has gone through at the will of some gods?”

Percy shrugged and said, “I just like giving credit where credit is due.”

Ron retorted, “Harry would have killed Nagini when he came back from the Forrest and then killed Tom. It doesn’t matter who killed the snake. I mean, I’m thankful Neville killed it and all, but like I said, Harry would have made sure she was dead before he tried to kill Voldemort.”

John added, “And besides, Harry defeated her in the River Styx right after he was hit by a troll. Since Set is a god, he wasn’t dead, but was sent to The River Styx where he would be dumped into Hades where he would spend all of eternity. He could come back to the living if he had a body. He was going to take Harry’s body. She bit him where his appendix had been, but he was invulnerable while he was in the river. Harry drowned him and took him to Hades himself. Then he swam back to where he met Leviathan. If Harry hadn’t removed his appendix before he went to the river to get Leviathan her bite would have killed him and Set would have a body to control. Since he was in the Little Tiber, he is vulnerable to her poison. Now, Set is gone forever and can’t hurt him anymore, and it was Harry who killed him, her, Nagini.”

“There was a big celebration for him, but of course he wasn’t there. And when he brought Leviathan back to Dawn, he made sure he was dependent on her. I think it was brilliant what he did. It hurt him to his very core the betrayal he felt when she begged him to bring her Leviathan even though she knew it would kill him to do it. She needed to take care of him like she had done his whole life. Since he was already a narcissist pig he cursed him with a mirror that ties his very life to it. He has to have a mirror to look at his image for all of eternity and if he is to live, Dawn will have to feed, bath, and clothe him as if he was a baby.”

Lily and Hugo came in the room and said they were tired of playing in the basement, could they play video games in her room.

Ginny gasped as she looked at the clock on the mantle and jumped up saying she needed to check on Harry. She stopped and told Lily they would have to play video games another time. “It’s way past your bedtime, go brush your teeth and get ready for bed. Be very quiet so you don’t wake up daddy. You too, Hugo, you can sleep in Albus’s room for the night unless your parents want you to go home with them when they leave. Regardless, go to sleep in Albus’s room for now.”

“Daddy is awake and hungry enough to eat a bear, who wants to join me?”

Lily giggled and ran to him as he stepped off the last step but stopped short of jumping into his arms. “What happened to you, Daddy, you look awful! And why is your hair all white?” She and Hugo backed away from him in fear.

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