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Hey Guys, here's the next chapter. Hope you like it. Dark and violent content.

Chapter 9

The Downfall Of Leviathan

Jack dropped his head at the news of Harry being dead and said, “We still have a chance to save Harry. Don’t give up on him; you can’t say the word impossible when you are talking about him. We can’t get a hold of Ginny right now, even if it was a good idea to call her. But she has a better way of knowing if Harry dies than we do. That necklace of hers tells her instantly. And I didn’t tell you the date and time. I think they are in a time dilation because John wouldn’t be standing over there if Harry is lying here dying. He would be doing everything he could over here with Harry and not just standing over there. I think since they are not moving that it must be, to us, that they are moving like they’re time is being controlled by a Black Hole. But, if Harry brought them here then there is a good chance they can see us. That is why I looked over where you said John was and said the day and time. And we still have to figure out where Carson is. The Stargate being down is not helping us either; odd that it suddenly stopped working without any reason.”

Rodney looked impressed but then looked alarmed. “If they are in the past, then they will never be able to come out with us ever again. Two time periods cannot exist in the same place, and I don’t care who Harry is… or was, it is just not possible.”

John strode over to Harry and checked for a pulse. Finding one he sighed with relief. “Why did Rodney say Harry was dead?”

“It doesn’t matter right now. Right now, time is only relevant to us, you actually. None of what is going on out there will happen if I am successful.” Harry groaned and rolled over and vomited. “I need water,” he said and held out his hand as a glass appeared before him. He drank it steadily, and it kept replenishing to stay full until he didn’t need any more. Harry went from the horizontal to vertical position and stood beside John. He was shaking and very quiet. “I will attempt to explain it one time and then I’ll have to leave. Leviathan can never find you here because I brought us to the future. I set us up in…”

John interrupted telling what they knew from what Jack and Rodney said. When he was done Harry nodded his head. “The Stargate is off line because as you know you can only have one working gate in a specific area. Just before I brought us here I came ahead and took it offline. When I brought this place here, I made this gate take precedence so nobody will come or go causing a bigger wrinkle in time. The Earth ships are temporarily stuck in the Milky Way Galaxy also. The Stargate will function normally after I take us back to Earth. And when this gate is settled back on Earth, the enchantment on the Earth ships will fail and they’ll be able to do whatever they want. Hopefully, it will only seem like a hiccup in software or something if I’m able to get us back to the same time we left.”

John put his hand on Harry’s quivering shoulder and quietly said, “Why did Jack say you died?”

Harry answered with ice in his voice, “Because I will die from heart failure and exhaustion when I finally get everything back as close as possible to the time we left. There won’t be time for Carson to figure out what is wrong and there won’t be time for you to explain to him. It’s just as well; at least I won’t owe my life to anyone ever again.”

John and Dawn started to say something but Harry talked over them with a very commanding authority in his voice as he summoned Zeus’s lightning rod. John felt Harry’s pouch leave him and knew Harry had it now. He would have to watch and listen carefully so he would be able to grab Harry when he leaves so he can help him. “Dawn, you, John and your world will be safe here while I go find Leviathan. I’ll defeat him and bring him here to you alive, and then I’ll take this space and you guys back to Earth. I have enchanted the River Styx to expand its tributaries to here from the Black Hole. That is how we are able to be here now and in the future too. To Rodney and Jack; if they could see us they would think we are in the past. The Ancient knows I used the River to leave, but he would search an eternity looking for us and still not ever find us. But, keeping up the enchantment and Atlantis drawing its energy from me is very draining on me so I’ll leave now. It’ll take me three months to find him and get him here.” He looked at John and said, “Please don’t come with me this time, I’d love to have the company, but, I will need every ounce of strength to defend myself and capture Leviathan to bring him back here.”

He smiled sadly at his friend and handed him the lightning rod. “I think you should have this, and obviously Zeus agrees or he would have taken it with him when he left. Tell Zeus to teach you how to use it. It might come in handy. John… Tell Ginny I love her. And tell my kids I love them. Please check in on them when you can. Good-bye brother.”

Harry looked at Dawn and said, “You need to tell him the truth, and if you don’t I will when I get back.”

Just before he left his eyes turned white and he reached inside him and pulled out his appendix and put it in a sterile container made of clay and left it in the blackness of the void they were in. He put his hand over the place his appendix used to be and held pressure to it. He looked sick and weak, but then he recovered enough to leave. Harry disappeared and Dawn opened a window to watch where and what he did. Harry appeared over the River Styx and pulled out the Resurrection Stone and turned it three times. “Leviathan, I am Master of Death and I call out to you now. To the Ancient who once occupied Kingsley Shacklebolt; I call to you to come before me within Leviathan, a whole man.”

Harry quickly returned the Stone to his pouch and sent the pouch back to John. He didn’t want to take any chance that this evil god could take his wand and sword or the other two Hallows. Leviathan appeared before Harry and smiled with so much evil Harry put his hands instinctively in front of him. Leviathan laughed madly and thanked Harry for coming to him to be captured and have to fight for his life there in the River Styx for eternity. He thought to defeat Harry he would intimidate him for a while.

Harry shook his head and said, “I’ve defeated you every time you’ve come before me. What makes you think now will be any different?”

Leviathan stopped laughing and frowned at the thought and then mocked Harry’s bravery. He floated down to the bank of the river and folded his arms across his chest as Harry was doing, but he shook all over like Harry was really afraid.

Harry laughed and landed on the bank in front of Leviathan and then looked so hard into the god’s eyes that he backed up in obvious fear. Harry stepped forward matching each step the other took backward. Harry was putting thoughts in Leviathan’s mind without the god even knowing he was doing it. Harry finally stopped and smiled. “We’ve come to a bend in the river. Shall I push you in, or do you want to jump in?”

Leviathan turned to look and was surprised to see Harry had spoken the truth. He looked back at Harry and shook his head. Harry said, “I’ll tell you what, I can take you someplace where you will be loved and adored but you will never be able to go anywhere. You will be confined to one space for all eternity; or I can kill you right now.”

“What kind of offer is that? That isn’t any kind of an offer, unless we can make a wager and the loser has to do whatever the other says.”

“I’m not a gambling man, but I’ll play if that’s what it takes to get what I want. If you lose then I can take you where I told you.”

“Agreed; and when you lose you have to stay here for all eternity letting me beat on you the whole time.”

“Let’s see, if I win you get to live in love and adoration for all eternity, and if you win, I have to suffer for all eternity. That doesn’t sound fare. To make it more interesting let’s say we both take a swim in the River Styx completely submerged; but first we tell each other our Achilles Heel.”

Hmm that sounds interesting enough. You forget I’ve been swimming in there ever since you killed me, I can put up with the living nightmare. I bet you won’t last ten minutes. How long can you hold your breath?” He laughed with a smirk and stepped closer to the water. A look of fear crossed his face, but then he laughed it away. Harry lifted his hand and a gush of water washed completely over Leviathan.

Harry said, “Ten minutes is a long time to hold your breath, but I’m not one to back away from a bet once it’s been made. And by the way, that was water from the Little Tiber cancelling your invulnerability. Tell me what your Achilles Heel is and look into a mirror while you say it. I will know if you are telling the truth. And then I will tell you what my Achilles Heel is and you’ll be able to see in the mirror if I’m telling the truth. And remember, our bodies are clay containers so be careful not to drink the river water or the clay will weaken and become part of the river.”

Leviathan roared with laughter. “OK, I won’t drink the water. But tell me why we are telling each other our vulnerable place. Isn’t that kind of stupid?”

Harry was beginning to feel the effects of the river even though he wasn’t touching it. He could hear the tormented screams of the suffering and see the destruction from wars and killings from hate and greed. He would have to concentrate hard when he swims in it. He chuckled convincingly saying, “I’m just giving you a head start because I can easily kill you… since you can’t disappear from me and lick your wounds like you have been doing above the underworld.” Harry’s voice turned icy adding the last bit.

“How do I know if your mirror tells the truth?”

Harry summoned the large hand held mirror he had seen floating in the river; quickly and silently enchanting it before handing it to Leviathan. Harry waved his hand over it making the filthy broken mirror a thing of beauty and quality. His eyes twinkled happily at the lust for the mirror Leviathan showed.

“Now, look fully into it and say an obvious truth that we can both see and it will play a melodious song.”

Leviathan said, “This is too easy. I am the most handsome man and women swoon when they see me.” Harry chuckled when the narcissist played right into his hands as the melody rang through the air. “Now say a blatant lie, and the mirror will squawk like a chicken with its head cut off.”

The god cracked up laughing and said, “Harry Potter is the handsomest man alive.” Harry said a non verbal spell and the mirror made a squawking noise.

Harry chuckled again and said, “Aw you didn’t have to be cruel about it. Ok, are you satisfied?”

When Leviathan agreed Harry summoned the mirror back into his hand and said, “I’ll keep the mirror and you’ll be able to take it from me if you defeat me. What is your Achilles Heel?”

The Demi god frowned at Harry keeping the mirror he had already fallen in love with but answered, “When I was born, I came into this world with a crooked spine. It was corrected with magic, but I am not able to withstand any injury to it or it will cripple me.”

Harry’s rage surged through him. “Ludo made you his general and sent you down in that mine with a physical threat to you like that?!” Leviathan had a moment of respect for Harry seeing his outrage of the unfairness he was subjected to. But then he clamped his teeth together and said, “You don’t need to feel sorry for me, Potter. All I have to do is not turn my back on you. Now, what is your Achilles heel?”

“My appendix will bust and rot if my clay container is hit hard enough.” Harry put his hand on the spot over where his appendix should be. Leviathan asked if it was some kind of disease and Harry said with a straight face, “No, it is perfectly healthy, except it is of late experiencing an out of body feeling. Possibly you hit me with one of your black lightning bolts that did it?” Leviathan looked at the mirror as it played a sweet melody as Harry’s silent spell commanded.

Seeing Leviathan was hooked on the ruse Harry covered the mirror with a cloth and tucked it under his belt so it covered the area where Harry’s appendix should be and where the god no doubtfully planned on beating on every chance he got, but now would have to be careful not to damage the mirror he wanted more than anything. Harry told Leviathan to turn around so he could put a barrier over his spine to keep the water from touching his back along his spine. It would be no good to hit there and cause his death when Harry had told Dawn he would bring Leviathan to her alive. This was the reasoning Harry made the Achilles Heel be part of the contest, so Harry would know where he didn’t dare hurt Leviathan.

Harry jumped in the river and immediately wished the ten minutes was up and he was getting out instead of in. He made sure he swam strongly against the river so the current wouldn’t take him to where it emptied into. All his past memories flooded over him and countless bodies grabbed at him. He felt all the pain and suffering he lived through including the years he spent with the Ancients. Yes it was beautiful there and they always made sure the hard times were counterbalanced with good times of rest and comfort, but it was difficult none the less. Learning the things they taught him was not easy because he was learning things he wished he never knew about. Zeus was the one who taught him how to use the lightning rod; which he had done because of recklessly promising Harry he would if Harry was ever able to best him in a hand to hand combat and steal the rod. He thought of Poseidon teaching him how to hold his breath underwater longer than humanly possible, for occasions where you don’t want to breathe in the water like the River Styx. And then he taught him how to breathe underwater. He taught him how to control the water to make it do whatever he wanted. This was easy for him because he already knew how to control all the elements. This was the first thing they ever taught him when Dobby took him to his world. The reason for Poseidon teaching him these things was because when they gifted him citizenship to the Ancient world; it was Poseidon who gave him the gene from his own body and thus made Harry a son of his. It was Mercury’s Gene who taught him how to disappear from one place instantly without Apparating. But he had appeared to him before meeting him on the Ancients world. Mercury had appeared to him after he had burned the Lake of Inferius. Mercury had taken him someplace other than the Ancient’s world in a different time dimension. Why didn’t he remember this until now? Why didn’t he know they were gods back then? His anger imbedded deep resentment towards the Ancients even more. He thought of the long complex math he had to learn just to get the fundamental idea. Odd that Harry taught his sons how to do it without math, but still the math was appreciated because it has helped him work out many very complicated applications.

These ten minutes under the currents of this river were only dangerous to him if he succumbed to the pain, misery, and hate he had to fight constantly. He had to keep his mind occupied, and he was growing weary of thinking of the past because it always brought up horrible and painful memories.

Harry wondered about John. He sure hoped Zeus was teaching him how to use the lightning rod. It would be the only way he would be able to live the rest of his life with Ginny and his kids when this was finally done. He cared nothing for Zeus, but was grateful for the god giving him another separate Gene from him. Harry then became another son of the gods; Zeus himself. Zeus had given him this ‘gift’ to benefit him later when he would use him to defeat his brother, Poseidon. This had happened just before Harry slipped into a coma for five and a half years. Zeus didn’t like being the father of a wizard, but planned on fooling the other gods from his real motive; and then he would kill Harry as soon as he could make it look like an accident. A smile came to Harry’s face thinking how it turned out so beneficial to him. Harry found it odd that he lost his only real father when he was but a baby, but somehow gained three gods as his fathers’ when he was an adult. And what an odd assortment of fathers they are; Mercury, the Roman god, Poseidon the Greek god, and then Zeus a Greek god. Harry focused on swimming now that it was becoming unbearable to swim even with the memories he was concentrating on to keep his mind off the pain he was suffering through.

Something grabbed at him that terrified him when he saw it. He was so shaken he forgot to watch his surroundings whereupon he felt a tremendous blow to his jaw and swallowed some water he was keeping out of his body. He looked at what hit him and was surprised to see it was a troll. The blow sent him back fast and he was flowing swiftly in the current that led to Hades. As he was fighting the troll he was bitten right where his appendix had been and felt something thick coil around his torso and began to squeeze the life out of him. He grabbed the snake and broke open its mouth and held it under the water until it drowned. The coils of the snake fell from him and since he was near the Gates of Hades he went ahead and opened them and took her into Hades and dropped her into the eternal inferno. The wailing and feeling of hate nearly overwhelmed him and the smell of sulfur and the stench of death was overpowering. Harry turned around and went back through the gates he entered from and fixed them to work the way they were supposed to before he broke the curse that keeps them shut and locked. He fought against the tide of the river and finally began going forward against the current again. The river was keeping the poison from killing him, but he could feel it coursing through his body.

He swam hard for so long and thinking on time he worked out that he only had another minute to go and then he would spend the rest of the time in combat with Leviathan. He tried to find something to occupy his mind and still be able to watch what was around him. How long was a minute in this time to a minute at home? How is a minute in this time compared to a minute in the time where he left John?

Upon thinking these time equations he nearly screamed at what happened next. A Wraith he had killed attached his life sucking hand to his chest and began draining Harry’s blood. This pain was close to the pain he felt when the Cruciatus Curse was used on him. The pain wasn’t the worst thing Harry had to worry about though; he was losing valuable blood to this creature. He fought off the Wraith more easily than he thought he could. Probably because the creature wasn’t used to its prey fighting him off. Now it was time to climb out of the river; away from this maddening torture. His head came above the water and he swam to the edge and climbed out. He heard screaming and turned to see Leviathan being dragged under the water by Inferi. Harry jumped back in and swam to the Inferi and knocked them away with bolts of fire that burned underwater. He grabbed Leviathan and drug him onto the bank of the river.

“Come on, Leviathan, snap out of it. You are invincible, remember? Come on.” Harry tried waking the unconscious Demi god. He gently felt his ribs and manipulated a fracture back to how it was supposed to be. He was speaking during the process and finally Harry was successful and smiled at him. “There you are, come on now, we have a fight to the finish, remember?”

Leviathan put his hands to his face to wipe off the water and felt the cuts and bruises. “My face, they’ve ruined my face. I might as well have stayed in there and just let them hate on me like before.”

Harry became sick at his stomach having to comfort the narcissist on top of dealing with the poison from the snake. “Aw come on, here let me help you. I can take away the boo boos.” Harry moved his fingers lightly over the blemishes on his face. He reached for the edge of the water and scooped up some mud and smeared it over the wounds and then blew on it with hot air and then after it dried he moved his hand over all the dried mud and as it came off so did the wounds.

“There, all better now. But don’t expect me to kiss it.”

Leviathan laughed and asked to look in the mirror. Harry considered that this was a trick for Harry to remove his safety net that protected his vulnerable spot. But when the god began to throw a temper tantrum he pulled out the mirror and held it in front of the man. He was glad to see the happiness come onto the face of the childish Demi god. And just as Harry suspected; Leviathan smashed his fist into Harry’s waist. Harry jumped back which was hard to do considering he was sitting on his heels. Harry swiftly tucked the mirror back to its spot under his belt to protect his vulnerable spot. The fight escalated into a full blown war and both men was consumed with hate for the other. It was of course the fault of the river exuding its hate in the thick fog that hung around the river. The more they fought the heavier their breathing became. It suddenly occurred to Harry that he needed to finish off this evil god and get back to the world of the living. He watched for a chance to get to the spine of his enemy. Just as he saw it, he thought of Dawn begging him not to kill him. He froze mid swing and Leviathan hit him so hard it sent him sprawling back into the river. Two hands on each arm grabbed him and pinned his arms behind his back. Harry lost his footing when he heard them speak and they drug him back into the deep part of the river. They held him just high enough to keep his head out of the water and he felt the death and hate pulling on him once more. The surprise on Leviathan’s face said it all. “Lord Voldemort, Father, what are you guys doing here?”

Harry laughed cynically. “You surely didn’t think they passed through the Pearly Gates did you? Their kind doesn’t make it there; they are being sent to Hades.”

Tom Riddle said, “Yes, but we are wizards, we can put off the inevitable. We can help you boy. Finish him off. You know where his Achilles heel is; kill him once and for all!”

Leviathan cautiously returned to the water and smiled at Harry and took the mirror from him and looked at himself. He was pleased and thanked Harry for getting his good looks back. “We could have been friends, Harry. We still can be, now that I’m human again and you got me out of the river.”

Tom looked at Harry with interest. “But wait; what are you saying? You were dead and he brought you to life and got you out of the river? How can this be? You will make me human again, Mr. Potter.” Harry shook his head no and said he’d never do it. They began to beat him and Harry was consumed with hate. He shook them off and tried desperately to climb out of the river. The affects of the beating wasn’t bothering him quite as bad as normal because of the rivers curse. He was invulnerable as long as his appendix didn’t burst, and that was impossible since it sat in the secret place with Dawn and John. Tom’s next words brought his full attention back to the conversation.

“It’s the Deathly Hallows, Nott told me about them. Mr. Potter is the Master of Death. He would have had to use the Stone to bring Leviathan back to him, but how did he make him alive again?” He looked at Harry and asked him but Harry held his teeth clamped together tight and glared at Leviathan.

Ludo said, “We need to take him to the Little Tiber River and just a touch of it will take away the invulnerability. He’ll be normal again.”

Harry’s blood boiled and the anger seethed from his eyes and lips. “Leviathan, this was supposed to be our fight. Are you going to let them call the shots?”

Leviathan laughed and said, “Harry, why would I care about that now? I have the mirror, and I will be satisfied with letting them kill you since they will become human again once they get out of you what has to be done.” Tom and Ludo began to pull him further in from the bank of the river.

Harry thought fast. “Riddle won’t let your dad come back to life. He knows Ludo betrayed him. And he won’t let you out of here again because he’s mad at your dad. He takes his revenge out on the loved ones of people he is mad at. --- I can take away the protection over your spine so that when you get out of the river all I have to do is think of your spine breaking and it will. --- I can break that mirror with a single thought.”

That seemed to have struck a chord with him and Leviathan looked worriedly at the mirror as if Harry might have already broken it. Harry began to struggle and got loose from Ludo, but Tom was too tough to escape from. Tom looked at Leviathan and said, “I will get you a house that has walls of mirrors in every room.”

The god grinned at Harry and Harry knew he was doomed. Suddenly Harry said with a very calm voice, “Ask him to swear on the River Styx that he’ll do that.”

Harry was counting on Tom not knowing much about Greek mythology and was rewarded with a glimmer of hope when Tom asked what it was.

The god spoke up and said, “It’s the worst thing that you can imagine! You see, this river is actually alive! It is a goddess who was cursed to this form. She never told a lie in her life, and offers invulnerability for eternity to anyone who swims or bathes in the water. But if you become completely submerged or the water can somehow go over a protected spot then you succumb to the hate and pain that occupies the water. If you have someone hold onto you so they can pull you out then that place will become vulnerable and you will die if injury occurs on that spot. So, if you swear on the River Styx and lie, then the most horrible thing in the world would happen to you, the least of which you won’t be protected and become vulnerable.”

Ludo laughed and said, “It isn’t that bad, yeah, granted it is bad, but-” Tom stopped him and said, “This other river you mentioned, the Little Tiber, will make you vulnerable again? I need to stay away from that river, but we do need to take Mr. Potter there. Now, let’s find his wand, the cloak, and the stone.

“Make him swear on the River Styx, Leviathan! He is lying to you!” But Leviathan didn’t seem to care. They roughly began searching Harry, and Harry tried to fight them off even though he knew they would never find them. He couldn’t stand their hands being on him. He couldn’t stand being close to them. He trembled at the thought of his worst fear. Something was going terribly wrong. Harry looked down at the blood seeping from where the Wraith had sucked some of his life from him. He was worn out. He expected to begin feeling like this when the three months were up and he was finishing the whole saving the Ancients world. He had lost track of time and spent too long in this phase of the plan he had. Any minute he would be dead just as Rodney said he was. He thought quickly and decided to take a big risk, but it would be the quickest way to finish this and get back to the living.

Harry stopped struggling and glared hatefully at Leviathan. “You’re pathetic! I’m glad I didn’t have to fight you anymore. I’m tired of fooling around. Don’t blame me for this; you can blame Riddle and your dad who didn’t love you enough to keep you out of the mine where I killed you so easily.” Harry looked at the mirror in Leviathan’s hand and it broke in two.

The god looked in horror at it and yanked Harry away from Ludo and Tom. They couldn’t come out of the water and called to him bagging him to find the stone but Leviathan shut them out of his mind. He began pounding on the spot where Harry’s appendix should be. Harry not dying made him even angrier. He was screaming at Harry and hitting on him while Harry could only concentrate on staying alive. He needed to get to the Little Tiber River to finish his plan.

“Harry caught one of Leviathan’s hands and bent it backward forcing Leviathan to fall to his knees in pain, for both of them. Next Harry picked up a rock and hit the god on the side of his face knocking him off of him. His knees were very uncomfortable on his ribs and stomach.

Harry rolled over and held Leviathan’s hands to the ground. “Hold still and I’ll fix your face, and then we’re going to the Little Tiber, OK?”

“Why would I want to do that?”

“Well, you want to do that because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life invulnerable; and because, Riddle was lying to you. You know the saying, “You can’t take it with you?” You are all on your way to Hades and without your mirror. Riddle can’t make one like I can. I’m going to fix it so you can be alive and live with someone who adores you; the only person who ever cared for you the way a real mum should.”

The man nodded his head in agreement whispering Dawn’s name and helped Harry to his feet. Harry held onto him and disappeared to the other river. They fell into it, because they were so exhausted. Harry pulled the other out of the river and Leviathan kicked Harry in the head so hard Harry nearly lost consciousness. While he was struggling Leviathan pushed him back in the river and held his head under the water. Then he forced Harry’s mouth open and hit him in the stomach so hard Harry naturally gasped for breath swallowing water instead. Leviathan began beating on him. He picked up a sharp stone and came down over and over on Harry’s beaten body. Harry knew this was the Ancient being in Leviathan overcoming the man’s own body. He had to do something quickly before it tried to take control of him instead of Leviathan. Harry held up his hand and showed the mirror he had in his hand.

“I fixed it, Leviathan. I fixed it for you to take with you. You want to go with me? Come and get this mirror, it’s yours; I want you to have it.”

The god looked greedily at it and said ok. He reached for it but first pushed the sharp rock into Harry’s vulnerable spot. The rock went deep and Harry knew if he hadn’t previously taken it out it would have hit his appendix. Harry cried out but was able to stay conscious and spoke in Ancient as Leviathan touched the handle of the mirror. As soon as he took the mirror Harry grabbed his wrist and he took them to John and Dawn. The place was empty and Harry’s heart fell. He had no hope of staying alive now. He didn’t have time to go look for John in the Ancient’s world; he would have to finish the plan before he died and Dawn would see to John getting home.

Harry raised his arms above him and yelled with all his might. He began trembling with the tremendous effort. His knees bowed and the strain was terrible for him. He finally put his arms down and collapsed. John and Dawn came into the place and went to his side. Dawn looked and saw Leviathan and went to him and began to tend to his needs. Harry groaned and with very wobbly legs stood and draped his arm around John for support. He was in such bad shape that he didn’t know if he would be able to get back home. He spoke to Dawn respectfully but was less than endearing.

“I have Cursed Leviathan with the Narcissist Curse. He does not have to stay inside this cottage but within the boundaries I placed just passed the gardens of this cottage, but he will not have a desire to wonder off anyway. You will have to see to feeding and bathing him, doing with him what you would have to do for an infant. He will be a danger to himself if he loses his mirror because the Ancient being in him will be able to take over. If you’ll notice; this is Rowena Ravenclaw’s cottage here on Hogwarts grounds. You are free to come and go as you please, but you cannot take him outside the set perimeters I showed you. The new password is Lantea (A/N pronounced with 3 syllables accent on first Lan*tee*uh)…Did you tell John… Never mind, it doesn’t matter now. Forgive me if I still owe anything to your race, but I gave everything in me for repayment. You’ll have to excuse me so I can get John back before I die.”

Before Dawn could say anything Harry took John’s arm and disappeared and reappeared exactly where they had been standing half an hour earlier. Percy had just walked into the kitchen when Harry and John appeared in front of him. He walked right into Harry and was so startled at a man with pure white hair and wearing nothing but a loincloth and blood all over him that he threw him to the floor yelling. Ginny screamed and ran to him along with Carson, Ron, Hermione and the rest of the Weasley family. Sirius and Lissydove, and Jack and Sam were also there. Thankfully, Lily and Hugo had returned to the playroom with the parents lingering with the good-byes, and then Harry and John disappearing.

Carson lifted Harry’s eyelid and said, “His pupils are fixed and dilated… he is alive… but he isn’t breathing, and his heart has stopped beating. He will surely die before you can tell me what happened.” He looked at Hermione and said, “I need my medical bag from upstairs!” And then he prepared to do CPR, but before he did the first compression on Harry’s chest Harry coughed and blood erupted from his mouth. “He’s just had congestive heart failure!” Carson looked helplessly at Lissy, and Ginny screamed for Winky. Harry would die within seconds.
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