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Thanks for coming back guys. Hope you like the new chapter. Oh! this chapter is pretty long and dark. If anyone isn't familiar by this time to the characters that aren't Harry Potter related, they are crossed over from Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis. There is also a lot of Greek Mythology too. Anyone confused can contact me by PM if you don't want to comment here.

Chapter 8

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Percy took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “Look, Harry, I’m sorry you are out of the loop. And well, I saw all the stuff you did at Hogwarts. All the Professors are talking about it. I heard some kids going down the corridor saying you are the greatest wizard of all time. And I guess I agree; it’s just that,” Percy took off his horn rimmed glasses and wiped his eyes and cleared his throat that had become constricted, “well, it’s just that one of the students was my daughter. She didn’t even see me she was so caught up in telling everyone all about how you; the greatest, most powerful, and bravest wizard of all time Harry Potter, is her Uncle. I owe you an apology, Harry. You don’t need to explain anything or prove anything. You are everything good that everyone says you are. And you deserve to have a statue and the secret passageway named the Potter Wing after you. I was jealous and I beg your forgiveness.”

Ron huffed loudly and said, “Percy, you big git, you had us all worked up over that?! Look, you’re an adult; she is a little kid; grow up and get over it. Harry has real problems to worry about.” He laughed with relief and then elbowed his brother roughly to show he wasn’t really mad.

Percy’s wife however cleared her throat and said, “Just like when Hugo wanted to let his hair grow out like Harry’s and you got all bent out of shape? Is that the way to act like an adult that you’re talking about?”

Ron looked shocked for about half a second and then laughed and shoved Percy sideways on the couch. “Your wife has a point; you see what a clown I was back then when I was very young myself. I’ve grown up since then and don’t have those jealousy issues anymore.”

Everyone laughed except Harry who sat quietly on his stool. He smiled at Ginny when she looked at him and wished people would go home so he could get comfortable. He looked down at the floor and shifted his aching leg into a different position, which caused him to wince when the new position pinched his waist. He sat up straight and moved the waistband of his jeans so it wasn’t pinching him and then spoke quietly.

“Percy, I appreciate your honesty and the courage it took to own up to your feelings. I don’t have any problem with you and I hope you can forget about it. It might help if you think of how you raised your children, and be thankful they are healthy and happy. If they weren’t then what you could have overheard your daughter say was that she wished her daddy was everything she said I was. But she didn’t; did she? She only bragged that her Uncle is those things. And she said that because she was proud of me. Have you ever heard her say things that made you feel like you were her hero? I’m sure you have. Don’t ignore the things that make you a hero in your children’s eyes just because they have a moment of pride in someone else. Don’t throw stones at any of your children’s heroes because you are jealous that you’re not the hero they are speaking of at the moment. Let your children’s hero’s inspire them to be all they can be. If you don’t it will cause you to build up doubt in yourself and resentment and you won’t be the hero they thought you were. It is healthy for kids to look up to people, real or fictional, as long as they are a good role model. James wants to grow up to be like John Sheppard because he is his hero; should I be jealous? The answer to that is, no; because John is an excellent role model for him.”

Ron tried to give some brotherly advice and said, “Sure, Percy; every child makes their daddy their hero if they’re good people. Isn’t that right, Harry?”

Harry turned one corner of his mouth into a very fragile smile but didn’t say anything; just looked at him. Nobody said anything for a minute and then Hermione spoke up saying, “Harry, I’m sorry, I’m sure Ron wasn’t thinking, I mean he just forgot.”

Ron’s eyes opened wide and his eyebrows went high atop his forehead and said, “Blimey, Harry, I’m sorry. I wasn’t talking about; I mean what I was talking about was your kids making you their hero. I wasn’t thinking about you not having…”

Harry shook his head gently and quietly said, “Don’t worry about it. I’ve had heroes growing up. Hagrid was my first hero. I used to pretend he was my dad. And of course, Professor Dumbledore was my all time hero; although I raged against him at times. Lupin was a father figure to me. Sirius is a father figure to me; and of course he is my godfather. Jack O’Neill is my hero and a father figure. I would be proud to call him dad. There are three others who claim me as their son. They’re really out of this world though so I won’t mention them.” And then Harry smiled gently and said, “But ever since I realized life was worth living when I turned eleven, the man who has continually encouraged me, never ever doubted me, loved me unconditionally, has always been my hero, taught me by example how to be a man and how a father teaches his son to be a man, and who I have always wished was my father; sits asleep in my chair at this very moment; Mr. Weasley.”

Everyone looked over at Arthur who was oblivious of the conversation because he was asleep with his feet propped up on the ottoman, his fingers interlaced and resting atop his belly, and the slightest of smiles rested on his peaceful face. The fire in the fireplace crackled and popped and he jerked awake to see everyone looking at him, the women all in tears.

Arthur cleared his voice and became alert and said to Harry, “I’ve got this son. Percy, you need to understand that you are your children’s father. You love them and cherish them; encourage them to always do their best in all things, help them when they need help; and show them how important they are to you and that automatically makes you their hero. If you don’t do these things then they will be unhappy and look for someone other than you to be their hero. Little Molly is just proud to be Harry’s niece; it makes her feel important to her friends. But you are her hero and it makes her feel important to you. Which is the better? No offense, Harry.”

Harry raised his eyebrows and smiled, “None taken, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you, Mr. Weasley.”

The man nodded and said, “Certainly Harry, certainly.” He looked around at the others and added, “Now; I think we should all go and let Harry get some rest.”

He stood up and walked over to Ginny and kissed her forehead and then reached out to pat Harry affectionately, but Harry hugged him to him quite tightly with his right arm before letting him go. “Good night, Mr. Weasley.”

Arthur smiled at his son in law and said, “Good night, son.”

Ron stood up and somewhat forcefully stepped in between the two men and rather awkwardly hugged his dad and said, “I love you, dad. You’ll always be my hero.”

Harry stepped back a couple steps and then gave a short wave and quietly said, “Good night everyone.” He turned and went to the kitchen while the family talked as they slowly made their way to the door. Harry held his wand and made a complicated motion and spoke in Ancient Latin a spell that didn’t just clear and stack the dishes and begin to wash dry and put away, but made the dishes instantly clean and put away. The leftovers went in the refrigerator and the table, counters and stove was washed. The only thing that remained was the small amount of pudding on Harry’s plate. He stood looking at it wishing he knew why he couldn’t eat it.

John and Carson stood beside him and looked at each other and then Harry shook his head. He saw his friends and said, “I think I’m losing my mind. I don’t remember all that stuff they said I did. And this pudding, I can’t eat it. Why can’t I eat it? It’s calling me but I don’t understand. I feel like I’ve committed a great sin or something. But I don’t know what it is.”

Carson leaned against the counter and crossed his arms in front of him in thought. “Lad, it is quite natural for you to forget the events of the past week; and I’m sure they will return to you without problem. Your mind is just forcing you to take care of it by making you forget it for a while. It was very traumatic what you put your body and mind through. This other thing with the pudding, that has to be explainable too. Can you remember eating it sometime in your past and choking on it or something?”

Harry recounted the story of meeting Dobby for the first time. He told him about Dobby intercepting his mail making him think his friends forgot him and didn’t care so he would want to stay away from them and not want to go back to Hogwarts. He told them how he kept being loud and Harry was afraid his Uncle Vernon would keep him from going to Hogwarts. And finally after he said he would go to Hogwarts Dobby ran downstairs and hovered the special pudding she had made for the dinner party off the refrigerator and dropped it on the floor.”

He told them how he had been locked in his room for punishment but was rescued by Ron, George, and Fred in the flying car. “Dobby had nearly gotten me expelled from Hogwarts, the only place I ever remembered feeling like I had a home and belonged.”

John said, “Well, that must be the reason you felt-”

“Dawn is trying to send me a message. It’s the same way I felt when she made me remember Marie’s fortune she told and I went to Atlantis to find… John and your team had been…” Harry broke off his sentence and looked at Carson and said, “Tell Ginny I’ll be back as quick as I can.” He looked over to John and asked him not to leave before he got back. As Harry said, “Venireman” John grabbed his arm just as he disappeared. A long while later they were floating in a black space with nothing to see but the gateway to the Ancient’s world beyond the black hole, beyond the terrible frightening things they saw on their way, and Harry holding John tightly to him.

Harry looked at John and released his hold on him. When Harry spoke to John there was weariness in his strained voice and a bit of anger. “You should have asked if you could come, John. I nearly lost you when you lost your grip on me. If I hadn’t grabbed you, you would have dropped into the River Styx and I might never have found you, and if I did you wouldn’t be… just from now on ask to come with me. I’m happy to have your company, but, I don’t know what Dawn wants or how long we’ll be here. And I don’t know if she will be happy you came along.”

John nodded his head but was silent. He was alarmed at what he had seen and truthfully he was afraid when he lost his grip on Harry and started to fall into a horrible place. Harry had turned and saw him when he felt him grab his arm, but it all happened so fast John could hardly breathe and realized Harry had him in his right arm holding onto him with all his might.

“I take it we’re not at Hogwarts anymore? Why was I able to see everything on the way here? Normally I don’t see anything when I travel with you.”

When I moved the secret place away from Hogwarts I had to choose a place where even if someone got the password from me they more than likely would not be able to get here. If they had me bring them, I’d simply let go of them when we crossed the River Styx. There are many myths about it; some say it causes invulnerability to anyone who is submerged into it. The mother of her infant son, Achilles, dropped him in the river but clung to his heal. So he became invulnerable except for his heal. He was fatally injured later with an arrow shot into his heal. Others say it is a boundary of the underworld separating the living and the dead; it flows into Hades. What I know it to be is the very boundary of the Black Hole. That is why you seen everything as we traveled. But time is measured wonky here. You and I have already been gone for three hours. Back home, we have barely left. And I wish now that I hadn’t told you to eat all that pudding because you got quite heavy.”

Harry smiled at his friend and John half smiled back at him. He had been a burden and felt guilty for coming without asking. “I thought I’d watch your back while you were doing whatever you had to do. You don’t look so good from all the long grueling work you did to save Chevron, and then to fight…”

He stopped because Dawn appeared before them. Harry turned and smiled at the Ancient. “Dawn, it’s good to see you. I hope you haven’t summoned me here to tell me some prophesy or anything like that. Is there a chance that you just wanted to say hello, how are you?” He looked at Dawn knowing this wasn’t the case, but could also gauge the importance of the meeting by how she greeted them.

He swallowed and frowned when Dawn didn’t smile or look like she was in the mood for light-hearted conversation; though when she spoke it wasn’t in anger with him. “I did expect you to come sooner, but I see by the looks of you, that you have been otherwise busy.” She smiled sadly and said, “It is with a heavy heart that I bring you here. The being that left Kingsley Shacklebolt has escaped our control and is up to no good. We fear that he will go to you and capture you so he can possess you. You are in grave danger. That isn’t even the worst of it. It is only a matter of time before he is able to accomplish his desire and he will be able to get across the boundary and into here. When that happens; he… you will destroy us with the legion of Ancients he has taken from our world. He has been getting his powers back from sympathizers to his case. His powers are dark and volatile to say the least. I seriously doubt you will be able to fend him off when he gets to you. If there is a way for you to remain alive, you will need to eliminate his threat without killing him and without our aid. And there is only one way to do this.”

Harry waited for her to tell him how to accomplish this impossible task but Dawn only frowned staring into his eyes a sincerest deep regret. John broke the silence and said rather angrily, “You won’t tell him how that one way to do it is either. You’ve already said more than you were supposed to. Yeah, I know that about your superior race. You know total destruction of one sort or another is imminent, but you can’t lift a finger to help. You can’t even talk about it.”

Harry nodded his head knowing what John said was true. He ran his right hand through his hair and paced back and forth as if he were on solid ground. He was getting worked up about something and finally breathing hard and gritting his teeth he asked, “What do you want me to do? I know you don’t want to be left vulnerable here. Just tell me what you want me to do.”

John spoke up and said, “If anything needs done, you guys and your superior selves can do it. Whatever it is, just do it yourselves.”

Dawn ignored John and said, “The first thing we need you to do is move the secret entrance again; the Gateway isn’t safe here and none of us on our world are safe as long as it remains here.”

Harry’s face went white and he said, “Dawn, I can’t move it again. You are across the boundary! I told you when I brought you here I wouldn’t ever be able to move you again. The event horizon is stronger than I am. It nearly did me in setting you here without me getting sucked into the Black Hole. It will tear my body apart the moment I dislodge you from here. And your world will implode with me having the Gateway. It can’t be done. I warned you about this, remember?! I also told you that you need to get rid of that being too! Doesn’t what I say matter? Who is he anyway? What am I to call him?”

Dawn for the first time took her eyes off him to take a glance at John and then came within inches from Harry and said, “He needs a live corporeal body to be able to absorb the energy he has now. You need to find a body for him to possess and we know the perfect one. You have seen him before; you fought and defeated him. He wasn’t much of a man, though he thought he was. But his evil is as much as what is in his name. This body will be easy for him to possess and he will gladly take it so he can get to you.”
Harry shook his head and said, “Not Leviathan, please tell me it’s not him.”

Dawn said, “Now that you know his name, you must find a way to find him and when he appears to you the Ancient being can possess Leviathan and he will show himself to you as that man; such as he was when you killed him.”

Harry shook his head no, not wanting to do what she asked of him to do. He kept saying no forcefully at first and then he dropped to his knees and begged Dawn with tears streaming down his face. “Dawn, please I am begging you; please don’t ask this of me. You guys, all your people are more capable to take care of this. This is impossible what you ask of me. Even if it was possible somehow; I don’t know how long it would take to do it. I’m still not over… I can’t dredge up what little I’ve been able to put behind me. And like you just said, I killed him. He is dead. How am I to make him alive for the Ancient to take control of?”

Dawn interrupted Harry stepping to him saying, “I’m sorry, Little One; I understand your feelings, and I don’t want to ask you to do it. I must insist though. And…” she stopped talking because Harry had bowed his head clear to the floor, if there had been one, and began pulling at his hair begging and crying out so broken she didn’t have the heart to make him. She knelt and comforted him and said, “It’s ok, Little One, I won’t ask this of you. I will do it.”

Harry looked in her eyes and then actually hugged her thanking her for sparing him. John breathed a deep sigh of relief. He had never seen anything so heart wrenching as to see Harry beg as if his life depended on it. But then he felt the space they were in beginning to quake and a deep voice echoed across the space. As if that hadn’t been terrifying enough a solid figure appeared before them. He was ever so angry and Dawn lowered her head in respect. Harry stood before him fearlessly and said, “Hello, Zeus, I didn’t expect to see you here.”

John’s mouth dropped open like a surprised school boy. “Zeus, as in thunder and lightning and…”

The Greek god turned to John and he suddenly felt very insignificant, and yes; somewhat frightened. Zeus pointed his lightning rod at him and Harry drove his fist into Zeus’s exposed side with all his might. And then he ducked and rammed into Zeus bodily and they both toppled over. A furious battle raged on for quite some time and then Harry grabbed Zeus’s rod when he caught the god off balance and swung it mightily striking the god on his thigh. Zeus roared in anger and then began laughing. Harry was breathing hard and looking so livid John half expected Harry to finish him off. But then Harry calmly looked at his wounds that had been freshly opened up in the battle. John noticed then that Harry was dripping wet with sweat. He wished he had some water to give Harry and a glass of cool water appeared in his hand. Half startled he shoved it into Harry’s hand and told him, “You need a drink, and how did I just do that?”

Zeus laughed and asked who the little nymph tagging along was. John raised one eyebrow in objection to the name he was called and stepped closer rather bravely; he is after all a very brave man. Harry grinned at John and answered the god, “This is the bravest soldier in two galaxies. He is my friend and brother, Colonel John Sheppard of the United States Air Force.”

Zeus momentarily looked as if he was shocked with his own lightning but barely acknowledged John and then becoming very serious he looked at Dawn and then Harry. “Harry Potter, if Dawn fights this battle for you, then she will be exiled from here and spend eternity guarding the River Styx.”

“What do you mean if she does it for me?” Harry asked quickly. “This is not my doing, this problem you are having with your rogue Ancient. It’s your problem.”

Zeus looked deadly at Harry and said, “It is your problem if I say it is. You owe us your life; we can demand anything we want of you. We brought you back from death, and taught you our ways.”

Harry gripped the lightning rod and Zeus looked cautiously at it. Harry held the rod out to John and asked him to hold it so he doesn’t shove it down Zeus’s throat. John took it and felt exhilarated at the fact he was actually holding the famed and legendary lightning rod.

“I didn’t ask for any of that. I accepted death and you guys brought me back. You didn’t have to; you could have just let me stay dead like I deserved to be. And when you healed me I asked you to take me home, but you said I had to stay until I learned everything you wanted me to. I didn’t say another word about it. I stayed and paid my penitence for being saved by you. Now you are holding that over my head again. Will it ever stop? Will I owe you my life every time you want something done you won’t do yourself?”

Zeus became silent and Dawn bowed her head. “Hang on, the being that was in Kingsley, his powers are lightning and thunder. I’ve been fighting him for two months. Who is he? Is he…”

Zeus roared and reached for his lightning rod, pulling John along with it since he was hanging onto it. The god had lightning crackling all over him and sparks flew when the bolts of lightning touched anything. He put his hand around John’s waist to fling him away, but John hung on screaming in the pain that was crushing him. Just then Harry yelled and grew to fourteen feet tall the same height as Zeus now was. He took the lightning rod and John and set him behind Dawn and stood in the god’s face toe to toe.

They locked arms around each other’s shoulders struggling to out power the other. Zeus swung hard on Harry’s left shoulder and shoved his thumb through the hole that had started bleeding heavily. Harry screamed and brought his arm up and around Zeus’s neck and then picked him up over his shoulders yelling in terrible pain and anger. He was about to throw him and Dawn screamed, “Don’t throw him, Harry! You’ll throw him into the River Styx! The boundary here is extremely thin because he is coming. He is nearly here!”

Harry dropped the god and went down on his knees. He returned to his normal size which John was thankful for. His breathing was so hard John was afraid he wasn’t getting enough air in his lungs. Dawn knelt down and hung her arms around Harry and begged him not to kill the being that will come in Leviathan’s body. Harry looked shocked and then saw Zeus turn his head. Harry looked at Dawn, the shock evident on his face. “He’s your son as well? But he is Rita and Ludo’s son.”

Dawn wept and nodded her head yes. “When Zeus found out Rita was pregnant, he asked me to be Leviathan’s guardian. I was able to shield him from much of the hardships that fell on him because of Rita and Ludo’s deficiency in child rearing. I could not shield him from the evil though.”

Harry understood then how Leviathan’s body was still alive; he was a Demi God with immortal status. “If I succeed in moving this place and I bring Leviathan, occupied by the Ancient being here, what’s to say he won’t get away from you and do what you’re afraid of him doing now? I cannot let that happen. What if I just bring his spiritual or Ancient body here instead? He will be easier for you to manage that way. I defeated him easily.” Dawn shook her head, “I don’t want to see him like that. I want him back like we brought you back. I don’t care how hard it will be on me, I just want to have him to love and cherish. If you just bring back the being, it will be the one that was in Kingsley. He is pure evil. He must occupy Leviathan because he can control the being until we regain control over him.”

Harry understood more than she meant for him to and looked at her and asked if she had anything to say to him. Dawn was surprised and then cried out in anguish, “Harry, I do love you, but you are my only hope; and it grieves me to have to make a choice, but I need Leviathan.” Harry took a couple steps backward slowly as if she had threatened to kill him or something. He thought for a while and then slowly took a deep breath and spoke, the defeat heavy in his voice, “Before I attempt this, I need you to give me the Resurrection Stone.”

Dawn handed him the Stone without question and begged Harry again not to kill Leviathan. “Even though it will most assuredly kill me?!” he asked coldly with his eyes brimming with defiant tears. The tears that rolled down the Ancients face gave him his answer. Harry was overwhelmed with compassion and spoke, his voice barely audible. “Dawn, I have felt loved and cherished by you. I thought I meant something to you and I felt it must have been how my mum felt about me. I was honored to receive your love. Now, I find that you choose Leviathan, an evil demon, over me. I know your love must be great and to keep you from giving this love to the one you truly love and cherish would be wrong of me. So then I will do this for you. I don’t know if I can move this place, but I do know how I can find Leviathan. I will fight tooth and nail to bring him here, and he will be alive. I cannot bring him here with a clear conscience because I don’t trust his father to keep track of him and prevent him from escaping again. I will remedy-”

Zeus interrupted belligerently saying, “I am right here you know!” Harry turned his head to the god and said, “I hope you get an ear full,” and turned back to Dawn and finished what he was saying. “I will curse him in a way that will make it impossible for him to leave here. That is my only condition.” Dawn eagerly nodded her head and Zeus only grumbled. “Please make sure John gets home.” He looked at John with so much sadness in his eyes it was nearly impossible to look into them. “Tell Ginny and my children I love them more than I can ever say, and that I’m sorry.”

John asked, “Why can’t they just let Leviathan come since they want him here anyway?” There was a sudden jolt and Zeus fell into Harry accidentally, but Harry shoved him off in a not so kindly fashion and scowled at the god. John slightly turned his face away to keep them from seeing him smile at Harry’s obvious dislike of the god.

Harry looked at John with a very stern face, but then softened it and explained, “If anyone forces their way in without the password it will cause a tear in the universe. There would be uncountable crossovers from one universe to the other. The tear would become so big that the weaker universe would lose the ability to prevent total destruction and it would fold into the strong universe. And the two universes I’m talking about is that of the underworld, the border of where we are now, and the world of the living where we and everyone we hold dear lives. You saw the River we crossed over getting here. That river empties into Hades, and that is what the universe would be. I have to bring him here of his own free will. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, he wants to come here so of course it would be of his own free will. But, he wants to kill me first and he knows he won’t be able to do that if I bring him because, well because he would assume like I did, albeit mistakenly, that he would be stopped from doing so. Mostly though, the being doesn’t want to come here without taking my body. When he joins with Leviathan he will try to keep Leviathan from coming here, until I’m dead. If that happens he will discard Leviathan’s body and take mine and our world would be-”

Zeus stepped over to him and without comment stretched his hands and fingers to him. “Enough talking, you have to go!” Harry yelled no and tried to scramble away, but Zeus was too quick. Harry was completely engulfed in blue energy. John had seen Winky do this to Harry to give him the strength and power to live through healing him. He remembered Harry not wanting it done but gave in only by his faith in her. But this was extremely intense and he could hardly stand to hear Harry yelling out with his body fully tense and all his veins and muscles straining. Zeus was relentless and then John saw Harry begin to turn blue with white hair. He was crackling with energy and… growing. He busted out of his clothes but for his loincloth which expanded to his gigantic size and his wounds closed up completely healed. Finally Zeus stopped and Harry looked about with white glowing eyes.

During the transformation John felt Harry’s pouch he keeps secret on his waist at all times attach to his own waist. John remembered Harry telling him that this would happen if he ever died or was unable to think clearly. He didn’t want to have unlimited power available to him if he wasn’t cognitive. Dawn touched Harry and he turned his head to her.

“Harry, you need to take us, this space to somewhere new. Do you understand? Keep us safe at all cost.”

Harry looked around and when he saw Zeus he doubled his fist and was about to clobber him; but John quickly spoke saying, “Hey buddy, hold on. Listen I know you’re angry at the bad man, and so am I, but we need you to move this place to somewhere safe. Can you do it? Do you know someplace safe you can take us?”

Harry bent over to look at John and said, “Safe.” He put his hands under John’s armpits and picked him up carefully like a small child and put his forearm under John’s knees, gripping his leg carefully for extra security, cuddled him to his chest and patted him on the back with remarkable gentleness. He put his hand on John’s head and gently pulled it to the side of his face and gently pressed their heads together and then kissed the side of his face just like John had seen Harry do on many occasions with his children. Then he patted John gently and lovingly on his back and said, “Safe now little one, don’t be afraid. Where is home?”

The room started to quake and Dawn touched Harry’s knee and with urgency said, “Harry, you need to take us someplace safe! He’s coming! Take this space somewhere safe!” She looked at Zeus and said, “You put too much energy in him, you took away his reasoning!”

Harry turned to Zeus and Dawn and said, “We need to take little boy home first!” John spoke up quickly telling Harry he would be fine, that he wasn’t afraid.

Harry stood idle for a minute and then looked at John, told him ok and stood him on his feet. John looked up at the giant Harry and blinked and shook his head thinking for a split second that Harry disappeared. Harry pressed John against his shin and told him to hang on tight. John didn’t want to but Harry wouldn’t do anything until he did. Upon Dawn’s urgent look at John he wrapped his arms tightly around Harry’s upper calf muscle. Harry raised his arms over his head and spoke in Ancient Latin and then his legs bowed, his muscles bulged, and he yelled until nothing came from his mouth yet it was still open as if he was still yelling. His body trembled and shook violently and dark red blood that looked purple against his blue skin came out of his white eyes and his nose. Droplets of deep red bloody sweat dripped off his forehead and neck and then began to dampen his skin all over from his pores. Then after a length of time he stopped and fell into weightlessness. He moaned and shivered uncontrollably. Dawn stroked his long white hair and talked to him softly until he opened his eyes. He wasn’t blue anymore, and his eyes didn’t glow, and he was his normal size again, but his hair was still snow white. He saw Zeus and threatened to kill him if he touched him and then closed his eyes for lack of strength to keep them open. Zeus eventually disappeared and John and Dawn talked. John asked her if she knew where they were. Immediately a star chart appeared and they looked at it. John laughed and said, “I know exactly where we are. He brought us to Atlantis. Does that mean we aren’t in the time dilation anymore?”

Dawn shook her head and said, “I don’t know how he brought us here. By all accounts, we shouldn’t be able to be connected to the Black Hole, but I dare not let you go out until Harry wakes up. You see the password changes every time the secret place is moved. Harry will need to rename the password before you go out of here. I can show you the door though, and you can see if you recognize where at on Atlantis we are.”

Dawn turned as the door appeared when she said he could look out. John nodded his head, “We’re in a secret lab we only discovered a couple years ago.” He stood straight and watched as Rodney tapped his ear set and said, “General O’Neill, I pinpointed the source of the power we are experiencing. Come to Janus’s Lab.” Rodney laughingly approached the entrance to the lab. He loved it when he figured out things that seemingly had unsolvable elements. He was looking at an instrument and walked right in and stood beside John. John noticed that Rodney moved oddly, like watching a movie in fast forward mode, and sounded like he was talking under the effects of Helium. He looked at Dawn and she answered his unasked question.

“He must have brought us here in another reality. And it also appears that we are still connected to the Black Hole in the Milky Way Galaxy. We told him this would be impossible to do. I guess he found a way to do it; but, at what cost? We pushed him too hard, and Zeus gave him too much power.”

John was watching Rodney and then he said, “Something isn’t right here. All the equipment that we had in here from the Ancients is gone and replaced with military experiments. I’ve seen some of this stuff at Area 51. It was supposedly destroyed during an invasion from the Wraith.”

“General O’Neill!” announced John standing at attention. He put his arm down and explained embarrassedly to Dawn it was a natural reflex. He turned back to Rodney and Jack to listen to what they were saying. Rodney was very excited and John was curious as to what the excitement was about.

“I’m telling you they are here right now! John is right here and Harry is right there. They are here, but they aren’t. All I know is they are still alive.”

Jack said, “But last week when you discovered this massive energy spike you said that this was where it was coming from. How can they be in the same spot? And why can’t we see them if they’re here?” Jack had gone to where John was standing and put his hand up cautiously as if he might hurt John accidentally.

“I said I don’t know! I already told you, there was an incredible energy spike in this room last week and Atlantis has been drawing power off of this room. I couldn’t help thinking that I knew the energy signature so I ran some patterns and nothing was showing me what I need so finally this morning I had a theory and I was right. Some of the energy is from Ancients, but the one that spiked so high was Harry’s. That time when Winky made him turn blue after we got him from the Antarctic I recorded his energy reading and I found the exact same reading from here. John’s reading is consistent to what is normal for him. And I also got readings of two Ancients with them. Something is wrong, very, very wrong and they need us!”

Jack left John’s side and walked to where Harry was on the floor. Rodney told him since he hasn’t moved that he is most likely sleeping on the floor. I think they are stuck in an alternate universe and need us to help them. Harry is obviously dying and we’re going to lose him if we don’t do something. And if John is with him, which by all accounts according to my instruments he is, then he will be stuck there if Harry dies.”

Jack knelt down and put his hand where Rodney said Harry was and surprisingly had his hand on Harry’s chest. Suddenly Jack spoke directly at John and told him the time and date. John jerked his head to look at Dawn and said, “How is that possible? We are still connected somehow to the Black Hole, but we are also two months in the future?”

Rodney stopped looking at his gadget he was holding and looked up at the General with an odd look on his face. “Pardon Sir? Why did you tell me the time and date? Don’t let me hold you up if you need to be somewhere. I just gave my report like you’ve been on my case to do. Find John, Carson and Harry, and find them now. So that’s it, I’ll figure this out, I always do.” Rodney looked down at his machine at a beeping sound it made and then looked back up to Jack like he just lost his best friend and said, “Harry has just died. If I don’t figure out how to get John out of there, he will be stuck in there the rest of his life.” He looked at Jack with a deep sadness and said, “Ginny… what will we… someone should go tell Ginny. What will you tell her?”
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