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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for another chapter. This chapter is pretty short, but it is also a dividing point from the semi light story to the darkness that is about to come. I hope you enjoy it. As always, comments are welcome.

Chapter 5

The Third Floor Secret Discovered

Hagrid said, “Blimey, Harry, is that the tip of the castle towers right there?”

Harry looked where Hagrid was pointing and shook his head, “I can’t see anything but trees and a lake over there.”

“Oh, ‘course ya can’t see, you’re too short.” Without warning Hagrid lifted Harry off the ground as easy as if he was a child being lifted by his father to see a great sight. “Yeah, you’re right Hagrid, that’s Hogwarts. By the looks of the towers, the boat house should be just around the bend. Hagrid put Harry down and followed as he had been doing the whole way. They came upon a hidden cottage that looked like it had been recently occupied. Harry stepped inside and looked around. He found copies of the Daily Prophet and dirty dishes and then he found a ledger with a bunch of names in it. At the top of the first page was a title that read, “The Bird Man From Azkaban.” Under the title read, “First Unit” and then a numbered list of names. This Unit was made up of eighty people and in special brackets with the name at the side, “First Officer… Zacharias Smith. Objective: Capture Albus and Harry Potter: Father to be held in torture chamber and son to be convinced to join The BMFA by severe intrusive reconstructive brain washing: At end of procedure Albus will kill his father.

Harry told Hagrid, “The first column of eighty people was more than likely the ones who invaded Hogwarts because I saw Marcus Flint at the top of the list.” Harry asked him to hold onto the journal for him. Harry looked about the cottage and went to the walls and studied them carefully. “How dare they! How bloody dare they defile this house and these grounds!?” Hagrid looked worried and didn’t quite know what to do. Harry was beyond angry and the look of rage unsettled Hagrid to say the least. He hadn’t gone inside with Harry because his huge size prevented him from fitting through the doorway. Harry stood breathing deep and looking murderous. His hair was flying like he was caught in a tornado and the lightning bolts between the locks of hair were frightening. Everything Harry looked at righted itself, the dirty dishes were cleaned and put away, the floors were cleaned and the general unkempt look of the place looked anew. Then he raised his arms to his sides, his hands doubled in fists and a large lightning bolt of electricity arched from each fist, and came together over his head. Harry’s eyes glowed white and when he spoke his voice was like thunder. “Step away from the house, Hagrid, and do not interfere.” He shoved the palm of his right hand at Hagrid and Hagrid jumped feeling a force repelling him away faster than he was moving his feet. He looked down at his feet and saw they were gliding over the ground. Finally he stopped when he was barely able to see Harry inside the cottage.

The house began to glow for about ten minutes and then Harry screamed until he lost his breath. Next thing Hagrid knew, the cottage disappeared in a haze of fog. Then out of the fog something was coming at him very slowly. It was Harry, a very scary looking Harry. He looked like he was a walking dead man. He didn’t say anything to Hagrid just motioned him to follow him. They walked through a mist and when the mist was clear Hagrid seen they were in the passageway. Only it wasn’t the same. He turned around to go back outside but there wasn’t an entrance anymore. Harry kept walking silently ahead and Hagrid caught up with him. The passageway wasn’t anything like it was when they went through it on the way to the end. It was exactly like the corridors in the castle. You could look out arched windows and see the grounds. The sun shone through brightly making it seem cheerful inside. And that wasn’t the only thing like Hogwarts; there were rooms on either side of the corridor. There were many amazing artifacts and vibrant Tapestries decorating the corridor. The pictures that hung on the walls and stairwell could clearly be viewed of witches and wizards of the founders and early Professors and famous magical people of the times during which the castle was first built. Every door had a Raven over it that seemed to watch the progress of the two men.

When they got to the place where Harry forced the doors open, it looked like part of the corridor only at the place where the doors had been was a symbol of the Hogwarts Crest. Harry nodded his head and went on to the first room they went into. He walked over to the engraving on the wall. And as if it had asked him what he required Harry used great effort to speak in a very quiet, gravely, voice. “Dear Lady Rowena, what you have sought to do is done. Now I need to finish with what you would have me do. I require my magic back and I do know the price it will cost.” Harry looked into Hagrid’s eyes with compassion and said, “Don’t be afraid for me, dear friend; this has to be done this way for the sake of the castle. Do not interfere in any way or it will surely be the death of me.” He swallowed and closed his eyes and then a light surrounded him and he rose into the air turning slowly. Hagrid saw him breathing hard as his body rose and his arms and legs stretched out and again he screamed until his voice left him and his body went limp. Then the light lowered him to the floor again and Harry’s body stood like a statue against the wall. His eyes were once again looking into Hagrid’s and then he looked ahead determined and resolute. Hagrid couldn’t tell if Harry looked insightful, fierce, gentle or, willful. Hagrid decided it was all four he saw. Regardless of everything else; he was most definitely daunting. Hagrid watched as muddy looking colors of blue, crimson, yellow, and green, lights streamed into Harry and then to Hagrid’s horror Harry seemed to take form as part of the wall. Next thing Hagrid saw was figures being carved into the wall as Harry was. Writings formed over each statue including Harry. To the left of Harry they read: Wise and Witty: Brave and Daring: and to the right of Harry read: Loyal and Hardworking: and finally: Cunning and Sly. Over Harry the words: Servant, Protector, and Courageous were carved. Hagrid tried to run to Harry’s form in the wall, but he couldn’t move his feet. When the writings were etched the colored lights, no longer muddy looking, but bright, came from the four statues and a white one came from Harry and went out as a wave throughout the whole castle and grounds. Finally as though Harry was released from the wall carving he fell to the floor. Hagrid walked hurriedly to Harry calling his name and gasped when he turned him over. Harry was unconscious and he was bleeding badly from not only his wounds, but from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Something that was different was the long white lock of hair that fell over the side of his face and ear was not just a lock of white, but about a hands width of pure white hair from root to his long waves and curls at the ends.

Hagrid didn’t know if he should get help for Harry or carry him to the Hospital Wing. Just then Harry opened his eyes and whispered his thanks to Hagrid for going with him. “It’s twenty minutes before lunch, Hagrid; we need to tell Professor McGonagall.”

“You need to see Madam Pomfrey right away. Can ye walk or maybe I better carry ye. Harry, are you ok? I mean, what I saw was powerful scary, and look at this place.”

Harry nodded his head wearily. “I’ll tell you about it in Minerva’s office; we have time.” He touched Hagrid’s arm and they instantly transported to the Headmistress’s office. Minerva stood up from behind her desk and hurried to Harry and Hagrid. She started to tell Hagrid to get Madam Pomfrey but Harry stopped her.

“I’m going to give you the condensed version and then go home.” And so he told Minerva with Hagrid nodding excitedly throughout the explanation. Harry summed up his explanation saying, “Magic comes with a price. I gave up my magic, which is part of me, to have the enchantment in Hogwarts repaired. Hogwarts has slowly been dying with all the repairs being made with our magic instead of the natural enchantment of the castle fixing it. The third floor corridor on the right side where Fluffy was guarding the Sorcerer’s Stone wasn’t closed just for that reason alone. It had been closed because the enchantment to repair itself wasn’t working anymore. The secret passageway was cursed in such an unthinkable and horrific way that it actually diseased the natural enchantment of this castle. I expect the moving staircases would stop working and the clock also. I also expect the enchantment causing the castle to be unplottable would soon be broken.”

Minerva spoke up saying the staircases stopped working the very evening the castle was invaded by the Bird Men and the clock stopped working this morning. “And the elves were complaining just this morning that the stoves and refrigerators weren’t working properly. They’ll also have to carry lunch up on great trays. They said they barely made breakfast transfer to the Great Hall this morning.”

Harry wondered how Hermione would feel if she knew the extra work this would have caused the elves. “The curse was incredibly hard to overcome, but I did it and caused the castle’s enchantment to bring it back to its formal glory.”

“Well, everything is fixed now, all of it. The right side of the third floor corridor and the secret passageway can now be utilized again. The end of the passageway is sealed with a powerful enchantment that will never again be broken. It is the same as Platform 9 ; if one needs out all one needs to do is run through it. It was built as an escape route if ever the castle was attacked. It was the brainchild of Rowena Ravenclaw. And speaking of her, I’ll tell you about the Room of Requirement another time.” Harry really wanted to get home but saw the anxious look on Hagrid and Minerva’s faces.

“Alright, I’ll just take you there and let you see.” He touched Minerva and Hagrid and they were now standing in the secret passageway in front of the Hogwarts Banner. Minerva looked around surprised with what she saw.

“*I remember flying all around Hogwarts during the Triwizard Tournament while a dragon was trying to catch me.* I know there is no room built right there on the seventh floor; it’s just not there. If there is a secret room, there has to be a room there to be kept secret. This is the answer. When someone walks three times back and forth thinking on what he needs; they are actually summoning this space. The doors on the seventh floor open and you walk into a room that is actually down here. When you leave, you’re back on the seventh floor. That way if the room is needed for a different reason, the space is available to be used. It can be used four times at the same time. There are three other rooms like this one across the hall and one down. In that instant the room beside this one is used. And it explains why I felt my magic. This is the room I summoned to the Ministry of Magic when I captured Rita Skeeter on Christmas day. And the one beside this one is the one where I put out the Fiend Fire. You can smell the smoke and see the walls are scorched from the flames trying to eat their way out; or I guess you can’t now, but before the enchantments were fixed you could. Hagrid saw it though.” Hagrid nodded his head emphatically so no doubt could be assumed. A curious look came over Hagrid’s face and Harry asked what he was wondering about. “I’m not up on the enchantments of the castle, but from I know the Fiend Fire should’a gone out when ever’thing was burnt. How did it keep burning all them years after the war?”

Minerva arched her eyebrows and looked at Harry in askance. Harry answered kindly although he hoped this wasn’t going to be a long question and answering time. “The room always meets the requirement of the occupants. The fire needed more to burn so the room provided.” Hagrid nodded his head but before he could ask anything else, Harry turned to look out the window. It was beautiful outside and the sun rays shone brightly in on him. He closed his eyes feeling the sun’s warmth and tuned out everything that happened to him and basked in the glory of being alive.

Minerva walked into the room where the four founders and Harry’s statues were immortalized in the stone wall. She turned to Harry and went over to him and touched his arm. She caught her breath when he turned to her looking so colorless. He was letting them see things for themselves; while he just wanted to get home and rest. “But, what does it mean, Harry; you being on the wall like that?”

Harry didn’t look at her but quietly said, “The castle needed the curse to be broken. This exit was blocked to prevent evacuation. After the threat was over, the enchantment couldn’t fix itself, so it caused the boulders to form to keep anyone from coming or going. It was the only way to protect the castle. I broke the first spell at the Cottage of Ravenclaw. Then I had to break her spell to fix the power of the enchantment. Her enchantment was allowing the castle to die, since someone outwitted her and caused so much evil. I convinced her it wasn’t like that anymore. She said the enchantment could be broken if someone was willing to give up their magic to show commitment to the cause, but she wouldn’t share how it had to be done. She said if I broke the curse on her cottage she would return my powers so I could remove the curse the castle was dying from. So, that’s what happened. The diseased castle enchantments went into me and I broke the curse and then I put the new enchantment over the whole castle. I am part of the castle enchantments now. Anytime something is done to the castle, I will know and I will come and defend it with all my being. I know each time an enchantment is used like the stairwells moving, each swing of the pendulum and the movement of the hands on the clock in the tower. It’s a bit overwhelming, constantly hearing the whispers from the castle, but I’ll get a handle on it eventually.”

There was silence while Minerva and Hagrid listened with awe. Then Hagrid said, “The Flint boy said that the passageway was cleared and shored up so the adults could get through, and they obviously did get through; but when you and I came down it was blocked. How did they get through? And, Harry, is Rowena Ravenclaw out there in that cottage, on’y you said she said those things to you.”

Harry answered, “No, Hagrid, she is not out there, she is dead but I was speaking to a presence of her. And to answer your other question; They found that every time they had success in clearing the rock away, it was blocked again the next day when they came back to it. Finally, they discovered Rowena’s Cottage outside of the passage. They broke through her enchanted barrier and defiled her sanctuary with vulgarity and one of them stayed there day and night. Since the enchantment couldn’t function with the vile scum there twenty four hours a day then the work clearing the passageway was completed. Once the scum left, the blockage returned to keep intruders out and students in. I knew it wasn’t a normal cave in because there wasn’t any debris or broken ground from falling rocks. It was all placed there carefully.”

Minerva nodded her head and said, “How does the Room of Requirement give the appearance of it being occupied from the corridor? When you had your DA meetings in there, it’s been said that students arrived at different times and when the door opened to let them in they could see the others inside waiting on everyone.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “When the room is occupied and more come to use it for the same reason, as in our DA meeting they were in this chamber we’re in now. You notice there isn’t any wall or doors on the side facing the corridor? It appears this way so that you are able to see inside to make sure you are using the correct room. If you see others who are using it for the same purpose then you know you are in the correct place. You see none of us here were witness to the workings of Hogwarts when it was first open for students. Rowena invented the enchantment and the Room of Requirement along with this passageway for her students to have the upper hand in magic. The other students were inferior to her students, she thought, because she had secret classes in these rooms to advance her most brilliant students. The rooms are able to furnish everything the person needs to accomplish the requirement being taught. These classes weren’t on any schedules but highly suggested by the Head of House to any student who wished to succeed.”

While Minerva was looking around Harry took out the Marauder’s Map and updated it with the new information. He waited politely for the Headmistress to say she was satisfied. She was so enthralled though that she didn’t notice time getting away from her. “Professor McGonagall, (Harry never addresses her by her Christian name to her face. He just doesn’t feel right doing it) do you think you’ve seen enough for now. I could possibly come back tomorrow if I’m recuperated enough; or,”

Minerva turned and saw his dire need and said, “Oh Harry, dear boy, you are way too patient with this old woman. Yes, of course we do need to be getting back to the lunch hour before it is over and leaves us wanting our missed meal. She held out her arm and Hagrid offered his arm to her to escort her up the stairwell. Being a lady she didn’t turn down his lower arm to hold onto. Harry stepped in and said, “How about I take us all up, but I don’t want the kids to see me this way, so I’m going to leave the instant your feet touch the floor. Could someone please inform my Aurors that we aren’t down here anymore, that I went home?” They said good bye and Harry took them all up to the Great Hall and disappeared before anyone got a good look at him.

A/N “*I remember flying all around Hogwarts while a dragon was trying to catch me.* This happened in the movie, Goblet Of Fire but not the book.

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