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1. Accio

No Haddie and no Sebby made an appearance.

Rachel would be lying if she said she had expected this. Her best friend was always teasing her about her toy crab, the most memorable being when Haddie had swapped Sebby with an imitation for the first time that left her wondering why the crab felt so different when she was hugging it.

“Accio Sebastein!’’ Rachel said suddenly and quietly. What a shock Haddie must have gotten when Sebastien zoomed from her hands! She saw the outline of the stuffed crab heading her way and reached out her hands to take him. “Hello, Sebby. Did bad Haddie scare you when she crabnapped you from me?’’ Rachel held him close in a hug.

“You can come out now, Haddie. There’s no use hiding now.’’

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