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Hey guys, thanks for reading my new ff. I really hope you are enjoying it. I forgot to mention that I will be posting a new chapter every Monday. There shouldn't be a problem because it is completely written. After today there is only 12 more chapters. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions and or make comments. Thanks

Chapter 2

Rescue At Hogwarts

Ron grinned nervously after the color came back in his face and asked Harry why he was so jumpy.

Harry took a deep breath and stuffed his fists into his pockets. “Really, Ron; you know me and you know how my whole life was and still is, and you have to ask why I’m jumpy when someone Apparates right behind me?”

“Relax mate, those days of trouble are over, you don’t need to take everything like it’s a threat to you anymore. Hermione said you wanted to talk to me about something. What do you need?”

Harry calmed himself down and said, “Things aren’t always what they seem, Ron. You learned that in Auror training. I wanted to talk to you and Hermione both after I get back from taking Lily to America. She said you wouldn’t be back until 1:30 and to come over then.”

“Alright, alright, you don’t have to get all bent out of shape. Hermione is inside with Ginny, come on we can talk now.”

“I don’t want the kids to hear us, and I don’t have time to get into things until I get back.” Harry said as they walked into the house.

“Well, we have plans today so you can just say what you have to say now.”

Harry asked where Hugo was and Hermione answered happily trying to be impassive of Harry’s angry face. “He is on a school field trip and then he is spending the week-end with his friend Thomlin; you remember him don’t you? They’ve been friends forever.”

Harry nodded his head stiffly, “Thomlin who has a sexist pig for a dad. Thomlin whose dad taught his son that, “Girls are nice to be friends with but women are better because they’re sexy and that makes them fun to play with.”

Ron squirmed and turned red in the face. “Just tell us what you need to so we can get on with our week-end plans.”

“You can afford me ten minutes to take Lily to America and get back. I will not have her overhearing things she shouldn’t be hearing.”

“Fine then, but you have ten minutes and we’re gone if you’re not back by then.”

Harry was most definitely angry and said, “You will wait since you came over and forced me to talk now instead of later like I already made arrangements for earlier today. Excuse me.”

Harry ran to the stairs taking them three at a time and a minute later slid down the banister with Lily and her luggage. He told Lily to say goodbye to her mum and then the two of them disappeared. Nine minutes later Harry reappeared soaking wet and looking exhausted. He sat down on the couch and rubbed his face with a towel that appeared in his hands. Finally he took the towel from his face and sighed heavily. He reached out his hand to Ginny for her to sit beside him. “It’s storming in America and its cold. I got a little wet getting Lily and her luggage in their SUV and telling them an urgent matter caused me to have to take her there before she had lunch and to please feed her. But don’t worry, just as soon as I got her in the vehicle I dried her, her luggage and Jack and Sam.”

“Why are you shaking Harry?” asked Hermione with concern showing.

Unseen by Harry, Ginny waved her wand around him and he became dry all over. “Ah, thanks, Honey, that’s loads better.”

He looked at Hermione and smiled, “I’m ok, Hermione, I’m just extremely worn out and hungry. I haven’t eaten at all today. Minerva called me first thing this morning right after my workout. She said I needed to get there right away, that it was urgent.” He looked at Ginny and told her that the kids were fine, but something had come to her attention and needed to tell me right away. When I got back, I called you to see if we could come over and you said to come at 1:30. I hadn’t even had a chance to talk to Ginny when Lily had a situation that needed taken care of. I sent her to her room to think on things while I went to the stable to check on a Mare that was due to give birth, and I needed that time to think how I would deal with Lily and also how I would tell Ginny what Minerva told me. The Mare had an accident and the foal aborted in a very violent way. I had to have Marston put her to sleep so I could pull the foal from the Mare without her causing more injury to herself. It was hard and took all my strength to do. Then I had to bury it. After I got cleaned up and had a very difficult talk with Lily we were just about to have lunch when you guys came over. Have you guys eaten? Can we please eat while we talk?”

Ron and Hermione nodded their heads and expressed their condolences’. Winky told them lunch was ready and squeezed Harry’s hands saying she was sorry about Lily’s foal and then wiping her eyes went to leave the room. Harry kept her hand and gently pulled her back to him. “Winky, it wasn’t Marston’s fault. He did everything he was supposed to do, and he was a tremendous help to me. I couldn’t have done what I had to do if he wasn’t there to help me, and I’m sure he saved the Mare’s life. Don’t be upset, please?”

Winky nodded her head and thanked him and ran from the room. They all sat at the table and Harry looked at Ginny to make sure she was still ok. Upon seeing her smile at him he began eating. After a few forkfuls of lunch and gulping down a glass of chocolate milk he slowed down and started talking in between bites.

“Do you guys remember me saying specifically that nobody was to talk about my magic or the magic my family knows at anytime?” His voice was kind but his eyes blazed with fury.

They said of course they remembered and asked why that was so important to talk about now. Harry asked if they had told their kids they weren’t to talk about them.”

Ron and Hermione nodded their heads and said they didn’t know why it was still an issue, but they had told their kids they weren’t ever to talk to anyone about the Potter family magic. Ron asked what this was all about and ended by saying, “It sounds like you’re ready to accuse us or our children of talking about the great Potters.”

Harry looked at Ron and stopped chewing mid bite and then said, “Don’t even start, Ron.” Ron dropped his fork and said, “Just tell us what’s going on or we’re leaving.”

“Rose has been trying to get a new club started to learn magic they won’t ever be taught at Hogwarts. She is proposing Albus to be the wizard teacher.”

At first they all including Ginny just stared at him. They were shocked and then Ginny put her hand to her mouth with total understanding why Harry was so upset. Ron smirked and said, “Minerva misunderstood, you know, she’s really up there in age and she really shouldn’t be Headmistress…”
He looked at Hermione who shook her head with disbelief. “Wait, Ron, I think she heard correctly. We got that owl from her last week remember; she said she wanted to start up a club to practice their spells. We gave her our blessings thinking it was cute and we were even proud. We thought they would be practicing things they learned in classes. She also told us that Albus would be the leader. We thought he was just trying to emulate his dad, but she had said he won’t do it because he doesn’t know spells any better than anyone else. She wanted us to ask Ginny to tell Albus to do it because his magic is better than everyone else’s.”

Ron swallowed hard and then said, “But it’s just kids trying to study. They want a little club like we did with the DA club. There’s nothing to worry about; just everyone calm down. We’ll pop up to the school and tell her not to create her club.”

Harry’s fists came down hard on the table and he raised his voice in horrible rage. “Nobody was supposed to talk about my kids knowing magic that nobody else knows. She has unknowingly put my sons and herself, but especially Albus in terrible danger! They had special permission from the Minister of Magic to learn it for self defense. Albus is a master wizard right now! He knows magic that some people have never heard of before. He is a Master Potion Maker right now. He knows how to make more Potions than the Professor at Hogwarts!” he finished with his fists pounding the table again. He was standing now, his chair on its side from Harry jumping up so abruptly. He took a breath and paced the floor several times. He set his chair up to the table and sat down again.

Ron ran his hands through his hair in frustration and then said, “I’m sorry you think your sons are more important than any other kid and that they know more magic than anyone else. Well, they don’t, and if they did and they’re in danger than it’s your fault for teaching them, not Roses for wanting to have a club. I’m not going to listen to any more of this, we’re leaving.”

He started to get up but Harry picked up his fork and calmly told him to sit down. He watched as Ron suddenly fell into the chair and his mouth shut without being able to open it. Harry ate the rest of his lunch and then released Ron from the spell he had on him. “You need to listen to what I’m telling you. I am not blaming Rose for anything. I said she wants to start a magic club and have Albus the leader. She is telling people that he can do magic that they won’t learn there. She is afraid and is doing this for protection. I don’t blame her for being afraid. Did you know about this?”

Ron shouted, “She is not afraid! What does she have to be afraid of?”

Harry looked at Hermione to see if she had anything to say. “Harry, we just don’t think you have to worry about this. I’m sure that –“

Harry interrupted her and said as civilly as he could, “In the war at Hogwarts, how many students were injured or killed? A lot,” Harry answered before anyone could say anything. It was hurtful to talk about it since Fred was killed there. “How many of them were Slytherins? That would be one I believe. Crabbe died in the Room of Requirements. As far as I know, with the exception of a small handful they all left the castle. How many Slytherins married and had children? I assume most of them did just as we did; right? They have children attending Hogwarts with our children. Now, I’m not saying the Slytherins are evil people, but I put a lot of them in prison for being involved with the Vernier. Some of their children are bullying Rose. She is afraid, and you saying she’s not afraid doesn’t make it so. But, this is why she wants to start this club, and this is why she wants Albus to be the wizard teacher. She is desperate because she doesn’t know how to stand up to bullies. And she knows Albus knows a lot of magic because she knows he made magic potions to save my life several times. And she didn’t learn that from my kids, she learned it from overhearing you three talking about me. You didn’t think it was right that I taught Albus such advanced magic. So of course she doesn’t believe Albus saying he doesn’t know that much magic. She doesn’t know that Albus really thinks he doesn’t know. And he also told her that his wand would be confiscated if he tried to do magic he wasn’t supposed to do.”

“I caused his knowledge of this powerful magic to be buried deep in his memory. He won’t remember it unless he is in an emergency situation. I did this to protect him for this very reason. I figured if other kids saw he had to learn just like they did, then he would have a good chance of being safe. He would be able to enjoy Hogwarts and have a fun childhood. I asked Hagrid and Filch when James started to keep an eye on him, and when Albus and Rose started I asked the same of them, and to report anything they find unusual to Minerva. They have both told her that Rose is being bullied and she is afraid. They also said they heard Rose claim that Albus knows a lot of magic that they will never learn at school. And she’s driving home her accusations by saying that the Vernier wanted Albus dead because they knew how powerful he was. They were afraid of him when I woke up from that coma and Albus scared someone pretending to be Voldemort away. They tried to kill him at the Star Wars movie but I saved him before it could happen. And at the battle between Tom Riddle and me, it was Albus he brought onto the field to kill but I saved him then too. Minerva said Albus has been trying to stay strong through this, but he is starting to become withdrawn. She said kids whisper and point in the corridors and they are either afraid of him or make fun of him. Sound familiar?”

Hermione put both her hands to her face and looked frantically at Ron. “Dear, we need to do something; we’ve made a terrible mistake.”

Ron still wasn’t ready to believe his Rose was afraid and caused all these problems for Albus. “Well, Harry, you shouldn’t have taught your kids all that magic. Albus wouldn’t find himself in this problem if you hadn’t taught him all that stuff. And Rose wouldn’t be getting bullied because of it.”

Ginny spoke up for the first time, her Weasley temper getting the best of her. “Oh, Ron, grow up for once would you please? Harry said he wasn’t blaming Rose, instead he’s saying that she is in jeopardy just like our sons. Do you honestly think that they will assume Rose doesn’t know any of this powerful magic? You don’t think they’ll think that being Albus’s cousin he wouldn’t have taught her and his other cousins some of this magic?”
“Why did you have to teach him that stuff anyway? This wouldn’t be happening if you hadn’t taught your kids all that stuff.”

“Ron, I taught them so they could protect themselves and help Ginny escape Riddle if ever I failed at it. I begged and pleaded for help, but very few believed Riddle was coming back. And then when I was taken seriously everyone said they weren’t strong enough and left it up to me. Because of that Albus had to be the one to help me. He was at my side whenever I worked in the lab. We talked all the time. He saved my life at least twice. If he hadn’t then you and your family would be dead - so would my children and my Aurors. Only Ginny would be alive… and I can’t even bear to think of the reason he was going to keep her alive.”

Ron stood up abruptly at the memory Harry was speaking about. It made him sick thinking of what Voldemort had planned to do with Ginny. He looked angrily at Harry and said, “Why did you have to bring that up? Rose’s little club doesn’t have anything to do with that.”

Harry noted his friends doubled fists and quietly but forcefully said that it has everything to do with it and more. “We’ve got to get to Hogwarts and stop this from escalating any further. You don’t understand how grave the situation is. All our children are in danger, but Albus is in more danger than you can imagine. I told my sons that since they know more magic than they are suppose to know, that their wands will come to me the instant they try do something against the rules or if they try to do magic that they are not supposed to know yet. It certainly is under that category that would cause Albus’s wand to come to me the first time he tried to perform dark magic, which is what Rose wants him to teach them. So imagine him standing in front of everyone and his wand disappears the moment he tries to perform the spell. It would send a message that he does indeed know magic he isn’t supposed to know.”
Ron interrupted him saying, “Well, you just go up there and say he’s grounded for trying to do magic he didn’t know how to do. Problem solved and it really isn’t as bad as you are afraid it is. You’re just being paranoid like always.”

Hermione folded her arms over her chest and looked crossly at her husband. “No he’s not and you know it!” She unfurled her eyebrows and looked at Harry and said, “I understand what you’re saying, Harry. But I think Ron is right as far as it isn’t as bad as what you are thinking it is. It’s probably just because since this came up Albus is being treated just like you were and it’s caused you to be more sensitive about it.”

“Look, guy’s, I’m not feeling nostalgic or anything else. There is a very dangerous side of this that all of you are obviously missing. I didn’t want to spell it out for you because I can barely contain my anger even thinking of it! Albus is in grave danger! If he gives into this horrible pressure he is under and tries to perform a spell and he loses his wand; he’ll be looking for me to bring it back. Being a child; he will naturally think I will assume he is guilty, because the proof would be his wand in my hand. It would be too much pressure on him! It could cause him to give into the dark magic he knows and turn into a Dark Wizard! Or worse than that, they might brain wash him until he gives in to the darkness.”

Ginny gasped and stood up grabbing Harry’s arm with both hands. Hermione stood up with her mouth slightly ajar but without an answer to give. Ron turned white and then said, “Look mate, there’s no cause to scare the girls. That would never happen with Albus; he’s kind of nutty, but he’s a super good kid.”

Harry rounded on Ron and screamed at him, which was out of character for him. “You don’t know what you are talking about! It has happened before to someone people never believed it could happen to. Do you know who I’m talking about?”

They looked at each other shaking their heads and Harry spoke just as angrily as before and just as loud. “Barty Crouch Jr. that’s who!”

Ron actually chuckled and Hermione breathed in a bit easier, but Ginny kept her eyes on Harry for him to explain.

Hermione tried to quiet Harry consoling him, but Ron interrupted. “Harry, Barty Jr. was a nutter; you of all people should know that.”

Harry’s muscles bulged under his clothes and his long hair flew as if a wind blew through the kitchen and he raised his fists above his head. Lightning bolts flickered between lockets of his flying hair and from one fist to the other. He screamed out in anguish and fear. Great tears rolled down his face and then finally he was quiet. He took great breaths of air into his lungs as though he had just ran a great marathon. He looked at Ron, Hermione, and then Ginny. Finally he spoke very quietly, his voice constricted and broken.

“Barty Jr. was innocent when he was put in Azkaban. He pleaded with his father to believe him. Everyone in the courtroom looked on him with shock and shame. They believed he was guilty because Rita Skeeter framed him. When he was in Azkaban a plan was formulated between the son and his mum. She was dying, and she begged her husband to make Polyjuice for Jr., to walk out as her and she would take a batch for a month to make the guards think he was still there. She died happy knowing her son was free. But, he was kept under a spell inside the house because Barty Sr. didn’t for one moment think he was innocent. Winky watched him. While Crouch was at work Jr. received visits from Ludo Bagman, and Rita telling him he would be better off working for Voldemort where he would be praised and honored for his work. So, Jr. went over to the dark side because nobody believed him and he wanted to be free. And now it is happening to Albus, you guys already don’t believe him. He knows what kids are saying, that he is a nutter, just like you said a minute ago, Ron, and you called Jr. a nutter when he was innocent.”

Ron didn’t argue or make it seem that he thought Harry was being paranoid. It rather scared him when Harry temporarily lost control of his power or whatever that is when he becomes like a raging monster. “Harry, I’m sorry, but, can you just think for a minute and wonder why you think this is going to happen? Why would these kids bully Rose and make her have Albus teach her dark magic? What purpose would this be for? Don’t you think they are just rotten kids like their parents and want to cause trouble? Why would they do this?”

“Because the kids I’m sure are being instructed by the parents. When they cause that moment of doubt in Albus they will jinx him and then the parents will capture him and do some powerful brainwashing on him to make him turn into a dark wizard, just like they did with Lucius Malfoy. If it doesn’t work, they will kill him. But if it does work and they know I will come to rescue Albus at all cost; they will make Albus fight me. What would I do? I couldn’t let him be a dark wizard, and I couldn’t let him kill me. I don’t want to fight my son and take a chance on killing him. Now, please, can we just go to Hogwarts and see about stopping this?”

They all three nodded their heads and stepped forward to comfort Harry. They now understood it wasn’t anger at them that made him rage, but the torture it was to him to think of this happening to Albus. Just then Albus’s wand appeared in Harry’s hand. He looked quickly at Ginny and his friends. His mood was deadly and he said, “Get to Hogwarts, tell Minerva it’s begun.” Then Harry disappeared from them and went to his son standing behind him only invisible. Harry looked around but didn’t see anyone around. He put his hand on Albus’s shoulder and very quietly said, “It’s ok son, I’m here, and I know you haven’t done anything wrong. Can you talk or is someone here in hiding?”

Albus spoke quietly without moving, “They are coming; I was to meet them here. They have Rose, James, and Scorpius. I sent my wand to you to know I am in trouble and need your help. I didn’t know how to do that, so I’m sorry, I tried to do magic I wasn’t allowed to do. I tried to make a super powerful protection spell but it didn’t work. At least my wand went to you, so I’m ok now.”

Harry squeezed his son’s shoulder gently and said, “You are very brave, son. You did the right thing.”

“But when they come, they’ll see I don’t have my wand, and they’ll think I didn’t bring it to keep from doing magic, and then they’ll hurt James, and the others. I don’t know what to do, Daddy.”

Harry scrunched up so he was kneeling to where Albus felt he was standing against his dad’s chest, shoulder and left hip and leg, his knee being on the floor. Then he felt his dad’s left arm around his waist and he felt his dad’s hand slip his wand in his hand with his hand holding overtop his own hand. Together they grasped Albus’s wand. Then Harry whispered fore he heard footsteps coming. “I won’t let anything happen to you, son. Answer truthfully anything they ask you about. If you have to do magic let me control your wand and your movements. You’ll have to use the Disarming spell soon enough. When that happens I’ll make your wand disappear and then I’ll appear in front of you with my back to them. Trust me and know that I know what I am doing. At some point when the dialogue is done I’m going to put my Invisibility Cloak around you. They’ll think I just made you disappear and they might shoot spells around. Don’t worry about it; nothing can get through the Cloak. I want you to quietly and quickly get to the Headmistress and tell her where I am. I sent some Aurors here this morning when I found out what was happening here. Ron, Mum, And Hermione are coming also. I’m sure James is about to escape any moment now so just worry about yourself. Tell Professor McGonagall to call Minister Shacklebolt.” Harry put the side of his face to Albus’s and whispered he loved him and then softly kissed his son’s cheek.

Just then fifteen kids of different ages walked onto the Astronomy Tower balcony where Albus had been told to meet them. They spread out and held their wands on Albus. One of the older boys’, Norton Flint, walked up to Albus and moved his hand around Albus to make sure he didn’t have a shield charm around him. Then he reached out suddenly and punched Albus in what he thought was his face, only Harry had seen the attack coming and put his hand up to the side of Albus’s mouth. Norton’s hand struck Harry and Harry shoved Albus’s face sharply so it looked like he had been hit in the corner of his mouth. For effect, Harry caused a small amount of fake blood to trickle out of his son’s mouth and down his chin. Harry moved Albus’s hand up to the place and rubbed it. Albus caught onto what happened and angrily said, “What was that for?!”

The boy grinned wickedly saying, “Just checking to make sure you don’t have any protection going on. Now what we are going to do is get Daddy to come here to rescue you and by that time our parents will have the Headmistress otherwise occupied and they’ll come here to get rid of your daddy."

“What makes you think he’ll come here? He doesn’t come around to visit you know.”

“We know he has some sort of way to make sure his kids are safe. I figure we’ll just have to play around until we find it. Now, let’s see some of that Dark Magic Weasley claims you have."

“I don’t know any Dark Magic. She just made that up on account of you bullying her.”

“What about the club she wants you to be the teacher of?”

“I told her I couldn’t because I don’t know much more magic than she does.”

“She said you know way more than that. What do you know?”

“We were allowed to know how to defend ourselves non-verbally on like the Bat-Bogey hex, stuff like that.”

All at once someone from the side sent a Stupefy spell and Harry caused Albus to deflect it. Then spells came from all directions simultaneously and Harry deflected them but every now and then he’d yank Albus’s waist causing the boy to gasp and slightly bend over as if he’d been hit by a spell. Finally Norton told Albus to attack them. Albus said he wouldn’t. Norton held up his hand for everyone to stop and Norton told him again to attack. Albus stood firm and said no again. The boy said he’d call Lodi and tell her to kill James.

Albus shook his head and said, “I can’t, my wand will go to my dad and he’ll think I’m doing illegal magic. He’ll come here and I’ll be in bad trouble.”

“Kid, you’re already in bad trouble. The world has seen the last of Albus Potter and his dear old dad Harry Potter. Now, I said try to attack me or I’ll tell Lodi to kill James.”

Harry whispered in his ear, “Tell him for everyone to at least try to defend themselves so you don’t accidentally kill someone, because you don’t know the spell properly.” Albus did what his dad said and they all laughed.
“Do as the little guy says.” Just as they began to raise their wands, Harry quickly told Albus to do the disarming spell. When he did they all lost their wands and Albus’s wand disappeared. Then Harry appeared standing in front of Albus holding his wand.

“Albus, what’s going on here son? You see I have your wand here. What did you attempt to do? Where is your victim?” Harry turned around to see the kids more than a little intimidated at the site of the great wizard. Harry smiled at them and said as he gathered the wands on the floor with just holding out his hand, “Ah, so I see my son has been ambushed fifteen to one. Not very sportsman like I’d say. What has Albus done to incur your wrath against him?”

Norton finally spoke when he heard footsteps coming, “We are going to kill him and you. He can live though if he wants to join us. Either way, our parents are coming to see that it gets done.”

Harry turned and caused the cloak to go over Albus, but he made a motion as if he sent him magically away. Albus quietly went to the exit and dodged the people going to the balcony. He didn’t want to leave his dad, but he had to do what he was told for his dad to get the help he needed.

To Harry’s dismay the parents plus quite a few friends showed up to capture Albus and Harry. They asked where the boy was and Norton told them that Harry had magiced him away before they could do anything. He told them Albus disarmed them when he tried to do a spell. “Did the boy know any special magic?”

“No, Dad, he could defend himself but he could never cast a spell. When I told him to he said he couldn’t because he might accidentally kill us. That’s when he disarmed us. His dad has our wands.”

Harry held out the wands to offer proof the man’s son had spoken the truth. The man hit the boy across his ear and jaw sending Norton to the floor. Harry held out his hand and Norton zoomed to him. Holding his wand on the man he looked at Norton and asked if he was ok. Norton was surprised to see the concern in his eyes. And when Harry put his hand over the side of his head a great comfort came to him when the pain subsided instantly. “Are you ok now, son?”

Norton nodded his head and looked at his father for instruction. He was very confused. He jumped when Harry spoke because his voice was quiet but carried a deadly threat in it. “I thought you would have learned your lesson, Marcus. I put you in prison once and I’ll do it again for attempted murder. Your son’s skull isn’t as thick as yours. You nearly killed him just now, and you did break his jaw.”
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