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24. Lumos

“Just you wait until I find you, Haddie Denaker! I’ll teach you to steal Sebby from me.’’ Rachel looked around hopelessly. It was completely dark but she could fix that. “Lumos.’’ A beam of light fell on the plants closest to her in her parents’ greenhouse.

“I know you’re hiding somewhere in here,’’
she murmured. It was the middle of the night and as usual, the girls were having a sleepover. However, Haddie seemed to think it fun to steal her stuffed crab, Sebastian.

“When I find you, I’m never talking to you again.’’
It was an empty threat and Haddie would know that instantly. The seventeen year old girl yawned as she scanned among the cacti, Honking daffodils and other assortment of plants nearby.

“Come on out, Haddie and Sebby!’’

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