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41. Scourgify

Rachel sighed heavily.

Try as she might she was definitely not making any progress whatsoever with wandless magic. Even with all the help from and sessions with Professor Hirsch over the years had not really helped and she was beginning to think that she was wasting the man’s time. She stared at the cauldron she was to be cleaning. She was good using the Scouring Charm aided by a wand but presently, the cauldron stood there filthy as ever despite her many attempts without it.

“Maybe I really ought to visit Uagadou School of Magic to see if I could get any help from the Professors there as well,’’ the fourteen year old muttered. The African school was quite popular for its students using wandless magic. “I would have thought that studying Discipline and Balance at Primary Wizarding school would have helped me now.’’

Pulling herself from the pit of disappointment and trying to let Professor Hirsch’s encouraging words resound in her head, Rachel focused on the cauldron again, raising her right hand to do the appropriate hand gesture.

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