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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Gunnar McCarthy
Sixth Year

x12 x5

Ministry RPG Name:
Kendra Jordan-Durand

Ministry RPG Name:
Milo Jordan
Games & Sports
Unforgivably Cursed

Charter's Name: Mariel De La Garza
Brief Description of Your Character's Personality: always right, Queen Bee, appreciates the finer things in life
Character's Strongest Form of Magic/Strongest Spell They Can Perform: more into potions than charms, but can do some advanced magic like a patronus and healing spells
Wand Size/Length: 11 1/2"
Wood Type: beech
Wood Flexibility: sturdy
Core: unicorn hair
Wand Detailing: she thinks of herself as sophisticated and classy, so I'd imagine her wand would be the same, maybe an inlay or a stone set in the handle - you can interpret that as you wish though
Where Did Your Character Purchase His/Her Wand: Ollivander's

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