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46. Twitchy Ears Hex

Teddy knew the symptoms he had when he lied.

His ears felt like they were twitching.

Well, they weren't really twitching, as that would be visible. No, this was invisible. It was inside his head, his brain, his nerves, they sent out a signal that his ears were twitching. So, he perceived his ears to be twitching.

And that is just what happened every single time that people asked him if he was okay. He would nod, he would say "yes, I'm fine," or smile and say "of course!" But inside his head, the ears were going twitch twitch twitch.

But he knew they knew he was lying. At least most of the time, anyway. Because it wasn't just the twitching. That, he could ignore. But there was no way he could perk himself up. That was something that happened over time. He couldn't pretend things were okay. He wasn't an actor. So, when times were hard, he realised people could see it within him.

Especially Lux.

Lux, who supported him without making a fuss.

Lux, who would make him a mug of hot chocolate, and distract him.

Lux, who rarely brought it up.

Lux, who just seemed to understand.

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