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Benny had this image of Conrad picking Gus up in his talons and gracefully soaring and exploring the apartment. Now that would be an interesting sight to see, which reminded him that once they finished with the room, they might want to start laying on those charms they had talked about earlier. As it was the owl had flown off to perch on a dining room chair while the toad was hoping along the window sills that lined the front of the apartment. At least it seemed more natural that way.

So the blue was good to go in those two rooms. He’d been making sure it looked decent with what happened in the living room. They would be living here for a while and didn’t want to have to live with horrid rooms or have to work again the change things.

Hardy har har. “Carrying heavy books and hippogriffs will do that,” he remarked in half tease. Only one hippogriff had ever been carried in his arms or on his back. Benny nodded in agreement as he gave another look around. The room had been set up nicely to begin with, it was mostly design that needed to be touched up…like the orange Adi was happy to add. “How about you start and I’ll make sure you don’t go overboard and I like it too.”
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