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Indira remained silent as the other three talked, her eyes still fixed on the kitchen. She was a stubborn woman (this is whom Adi got it from) and if she wasn't ready to accept this, there was no one who could change her mind.

"It does with me,'' Saieed responded, taking a sip of his tea. "Your son brings out the best in ours.'' He was quite fine with Adi and Benny being a couple. As far as he was concerned, the other boy being in Adi's life had been one of the nest things that had happened to his son. He just wished his wife would see the light but that didn't bother him. Saieed would see to it that Indira was convinced one way or the other.

Adi remained holding Benny's face gently in his hands. "That I am but you're the one that I want. Sooner or later she will have to accept it. If she doesn't... we'll I've told you countless times that I don't need her approval but I know how much it means to you.'' And because of that, Adi would try his best to convince Indira. Now that his father and Benny's parents knew and approved, this should be a less difficult task for him. Should be...

"You're lucky that I love you as much as you love me,'' he teased back, leaning in to peck Benny on his lips. And look at that! Benny was smiling! WOOT! Adi lived for moments like these when he made his boyfriend smile or laugh. "I doubt we'll find an apartment with a cave in the backyard but we'll survive.'' Hehe. A cave for the dragon Benny that shall be named the Batcave. "We can start looking at apartments tomorrow though. After I get to your house.'' Yep, Adi would be spending the rest of the summer at Benny's.
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